Google Snippet Updates 2021 – All The Key-points You Need To Consider

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Google Snippet Updates

All about search suggestions, FAQ, Q&A, How to’s and Expandable topics

Google- The king of search engines is known to bring regular updates to its algorithm and now Google has begun rolling out a feature update. The update is likely to take a few more days for a complete rollout.

Now, we know the direction in which Google is heading and it’s now time to pre-empt the next move from Google!

After Google Dance Singapore held on July 26th 2018, Google acknowledged that they were testing Q&A, and FAQ, How to’s new rich result – A new way in which search results will appear to searches.

The focus is towards improved methods to display more accurate information to its users. Bringing a preview of these answers to search, users will be quickly able to identify which source will provide them with relevant information they are looking for. It was announced in the Event Google Dance Singapore that they are preparing Rich snippets on “Q & A”, “FAQ”, “How to”

Before that, Google introduced that they will be show search suggestions in the snippet itself:

This was the great initiative, but at the same time they were testing it and was not an official announcement. With this the more traffic will be diverted to the websites who have more precise information.

Where they showed that “Q & A” Snippet would probably will be shown as:

And this is the result of FAQ snippet

Webmasters should be able to add information to their existing set using structured data and to have their search result be able to qualify for Q&A answers preview as shown in the above image. This is similar to how supporting metadata around the number of upvotes and the best/top answer feature works.

The Google Assistant also works using the same structured data as those used in this search which means you should positively markup related structured data.

You will also be able to use rich result in image and video search without any further need to add or modify anything. If the structured data is applied appropriately, the video will be applied even if it is not on YouTube. The idea here is to take the search result one step further with both image and relevant information shown together

Google is currently experimenting with the idea with its partner and it will soon open up and interest form that will allow various webmasters to participate in the development of How to and FAQ formats. And partners will be soon indicated more about the update.

A lot of this markup are available at website including how to markup, FAQ markup and Q&A markup. To be the front-runner, Various Digital Marketing Companies consider adding appropriate markup to the section of your HTML.

Further Google have declared a new feature on august 16 in it’s blog regarding panels in its snippet.

It is been said that this will be added for the searches related to difference and comparisons where further recommendations will be shown in the panels. Also this will be generated automatically and no specific mark-up is been required for the same.

It was said by Google that this feature is designed for the common and useful aspects of the topic.

Here is the preview of the snippet Google provided showing difference between Quartz and Granite: