App Designing Tips and Idea You Must Not Miss

app designing Tips

Mobile app or application is a must nowadays as it is easy to use your phone for reading, writing, ordering, and payments etc. This is why every company is coming up with their apps. If as a company you want to retain customers, then it is imperative to focus on good apps as they are something that makes the life of the person easy and entertaining.

This is also the reason that mobile apps need to be user-friendly so that there is a good user experience and customer satisfaction as not amount of mistake whether big or small is accepted by the consumer anymore.

Thus, it is crucial that you design the app perfectly and keep updating it and for this, it is necessary to keep learning the new tips that will help you design an app that engages the consumer as well as is of any use to them.

8 App designing tips you must not miss:


1. Color creates hierarchy which is important

Every color has a different meaning and purpose and thus, you should use it very carefully in your app. The colors of same nature but different variation denote something else, this will be clear with this example- for instance, you have three buttons- Black, Dark gray and Light gray indicating most importance, less important and least important button to the user. This is how you create a color hierarchy.

Also, never use the same color for button that you have used for apps as it will merge into one, always use contrasting ones. Also, in some countries RED indicates stop so should not be used while designing apps.

2. Use color according to your brand

Coming from the above point, it is also important to use colors that reflect your brand. The apps should be designed using colors that resonate with the color scheme used in other brand elements and also the one that justifies the brand’s mission. This requires some research and brainstorming as every color has a different meaning. Don’t select colors that you like but is not something that goes with the brand.

3. Have grids and white space

The base of any mobile app is grids, which are the guiding factor for them but are invisible. Also, any dot or even line defines the margins and paddings thus defining the space you have for working. Moreover, for a good and correct design, you must have a consistent height and width.

4. Have a good logo

The logo makes your brand known amongst the target audience and thus should be a crucial part of your app. The mobile application connects a lot of audiences, and if the logo is there, the relationship strengthens, and the brand gets more recognition.

You don’t have to spend on the logo too much, but don’t even go for a poorly designed one.  You can create a decent logo using Canva’s logo maker tool for free. Or you can always hire a professional designer if you are looking for something expert. Also, keep updating your logo from time to time in accordance with new policies or goals.

5. Page title is not necessary

A page title is essential in websites, but in apps, they take up space which can be used for more productive things. Also, this space is very expensive so if the title is not necessary to have or if you think that the users will remember the page they had been on without having a title than skip it.

They give a polished look to the app screen, but if needed for other function like a search tab then can be used for it.

6. Defining the elements and repeating them

If the screen has 10 px padding, then all screen will have the same, if one of the margins is 1.25, then all will be the same. Similarly, if one “GO” button is green in color, then all go button will have the same color. This uniformity amongst all pages of the apps is known as defining the elements and then repeating them.

7. Don’t use outdated designs

Make sure that your designs are not outdated, you need to keep following the trend, and shift to modern designs otherwise your consumer will shift to other apps.

This is the reason that app makers are shifting towards flat design as its modern and clients feel like it is more similar to their personality. Old and boring designs will surely be judged so be aware of your consumer’s need and likes, and design accordingly.

8. Don’t bug them to sign up first

When a user first comes across your app, let him/her explore it and start liking a product before you bug him for signing up. If you think the first thing users will do is sign up after coming across the app, then you are wrong, they will leave that app and search for something else.

Also, all apps must have a social sign up button that allows you to sign in from your existing Facebook or Google plus account; this is easy as you don’t have to remember another password.

Also, another thing to remember that every interface like windows, Ios and Android have their own design guidelines that tell you the specific width or length or standards they use and if you want your app to be listed in app store/play store, you need to follow these guidelines.

These are some of the most important tips that help you create an app that lasts forever. Don’t forget, that change is necessary to keep updating your app for better user engagement.