How To Prevent Bulking Up On A Bicycle Efficiently

This is very important to know about how to prevent bulking up on a bicycle. Am I right? There are some efficient ways which are effective enough to get rid of from it. Here I will show you the possible ways to follow.

Cycling can be considered as a great exercise for strengthening your lower body muscles along with itself. This is why you are required to adjust with it and ignore unnecessary bulking up.

Whenever you are making your mind to do any workouts, you have to use your muscles. To avoid this awful experience, you need to bring a change. I will share about that with all of you in this article.

Instructions to avoid Bulking up

Here are those useful steps to follow to get rid of this problem.

  1. Avoid heavy gear:

No matter you do cycling on outdoors or indoors, you need to use light gear to avoid those issues.  This will not create any unnecessary burden on your muscles. As a result, you will feel more comfortable and relax.

  1. Maintain the resistance:

To do this task, you have to prevent the tendency of overloading your muscles immediately. Exhausting your muscles is responsible for the growth of it.

When you are using a stationary bicycle, you need to keep the resistance level in low mode. This will aid you in pedaling more time in the exercise that won’t make you tired enough.

On the contrary, if you are going for biking in outdoors, selecting a flat road will be beneficial for you. This will make your calves get rid of working so hard.

  1. Start Stretching Your Quads:

This is another dramatic way of getting rid of bulking up on a cycle. If you begin stretching your muscles, it might eventually benefit you in making your heels or quads flexible.

You can adopt many ways to do that. You can lay back or place your feet one step ahead of others. If you are facing any problems with your leg muscles, you can seek for a doctor to take preferable advice.

  1. Active the upper body:

People who want to see the improvements in their muscles should concentrate more on the upper body activities.  The push and pull workout sear beneficial for moving your legs and core at a time.

Here the above part of the body creates enough force that is helpful for the growth of your muscles. It increases the strength too without making any bulk.

  1. Genetics:

As you know biking needs a lot of strength to do. So, it’s very natural to increase the stamina on the slow-twitch fibers through this useful workout. There is a subtle possibility of cycling for you without checking the hypertrophy. Am I right?

In general people with fast-twitch fibers are flexible with the workouts. This can make you add mass on the muscles. The muscular composition of yours mostly depends on your genetics.

  1. Add intervals on your workouts:

This is another useful step for avoiding bulking up. I am making the conception more meaningful for you. Suppose you are biking on an uphill for some minutes. Then change the route and go on a flat road.

Just take intervals for couple of minutes in the whole practice session. This will reduce the massive pressure on the ligaments and tendons

How Bulking Up Negatively Effects On Body

The idea of this conception may allow you to think it as better way of building muscles. But it will unnecessarily add your body mass. And this may prove dangerous for it.

It may increase your stress level in the specific parts such as tendons or ligaments. This could be proved detrimental for your health and might get you injured too. Below we have made a list of some adverse effects of bulking.

It threatens your bone-muscle joints

Bulking leaves an extensive pressure on the links between bone and muscles. If you develop excess body mass, it might prove unhealthy for some particular organs of you.

Through the process of muscles building workouts, the muscle fibers begin its growth quickly. Because of excessive stress, the ligaments get weaker day by day and make the connections vulnerable.

As a result, serious injury can happen with you any time and you may face surgery due to that. How much impact it leaves on your lives mostly depends on the inherent body types of you.

Risky for teenagers

Mostly young boys have tendency for bulking. They are not aware of the negative results of it. Bulking through a cycle may be tempting for them to create an impression on their dates or for other aspects.


This is truly counterproductive as it is against the natural rules of body growth. The teenagers may don’t have the subtle idea of the acute risk of it.

Some people have a great interest on building their body muscles through different workouts apart from biking. For an example, the intense desires for participating on sports as like as wrestling or football may provoke them for doing so. I have a simple advice for them. Please take professional help before doing such types of activities.Chronic injuries

This is not necessary to get pain during exercise. Your body joints might get injured due to have excessive pressure on it. If you constantly deliver the awful stress on the soft tissue of the muscles, it may lead you to face chronic injuries.

This is why you need to know how to prevent bulking up on bicycle.Any wrong types of workout may prove fatal to your body.

Final words

Lastly, I want you to follow the rules and the requirements I have mentioned in this article about how to prevent bulking up on a bicycle.If you desire for shaping your legs, try to perform biking three or four days in a week. oh! Sometime we are worried about which bicycle to buy especially when our budget has some range like best bike under 1500 or less than 500! You can choose as you like by goggling!

Best of luck