Instagram Integrate Email Marketing Know What Is Next?

Instagram Integrate Email Marketing

A report of HubSpot corroborates the fact that Instagram by itself provides 58 times more engagement per follower as compared to Facebook and when compared with all those tweets it is an impressive 120 times more. There are several studies conducted on the engagement levels of all these different social media channels and it is found that few companies and brands garnered seven times more engagement than before when they do Instagram integrated email marketing. Inserting images did all the magic.

There are many emails that have button links in their feature that helps them to link to social media pages of a specific organization. When a live feed is incorporated the email marketing becomes more effective and result-driven. You can achieve this as well by simply tweaking a few HTML codes along with a small measure of customization in your marketing system.

The different benefits that you can enjoy when your IT team puts such a little effort are:

  • You will be able to realize engagement boosts like never before by making your emails more visually appealing and stimulating.
  • When you add substances like a live social feed to your email campaign templates it will automatically update your content in real-time.
  • You will have a lot of time as well as resources saved for your marketing department.
  • It will guarantee delivering fresh and only relevant contents that will be liked as well as shared by the followers.
  • You can use this approach for both B2B as well as B2C brand and therefore will not have to worry about how cool a product you are selling.
  • However, make sure that you do not start and end your approach at a live feed only. There are a few other considerations to make and substances to incorporate such as:
  • Using the popularity of Instagram to its fullest to expand your reach
  • Showing your brand culture at the same time as well as the human side of your business
  • Communicating with the people about the value of your brand right at the discovery stage
  • Encouraging interaction and engagement amongst the new followers and
  • Offering contests or giveaways to encourage email signups.

What is Next In Instagram Integrate Email Marketing

At this stage, you may tend to think that you have done it all but there are lots more to consider and do. Leveraging Instagram with great success will require telling more about your organization and use it as a part of your social media marketing campaign. You can also ask users to join Instagram giveaways where you give products free to one lucky person and in return there will be many followers for you.
At this stage, you may tend to think that you have done it all but there are lots more to consider and do. Leveraging Instagram with great success will require telling more about your organization and use it as a part of your social media marketing campaign.

Just using images and live feeds is not enough to succeed in email marketing as there are some other techniques that are required to follow. Integrating it together is the most significant of it all to make this so-called old email strategy a reliable workhorse for marketing your brand and product.

Instagram is the “big thing” and the most effective one on the social media scene that when working together with your email strategy can boost engagement and sales. People will spend more time and pay more attention to your email messaging when it has relevant and high-quality photos, some specific activities for the followers for Instagram such as clicking through or sharing and forwarding the message.

If you want to see whether or not your integration is correct in all respects and is performing well you can watch the following metrics though all activities may not translate to engagement:

  • Social sharing
  • Open rate
  • Forwards and
  • Click through rate.

When you know these metrics it will enable you to know whether or not your email was opened and immediately deleted which is not a very good sign for your email campaign or for subscriber engagement levels. It is, therefore, very important that you know about the average open and click-through rates in your specific industry and compares it with the results to be sure your email marketing campaign is headed the right way. You can do this by checking the Email Marketing Benchmarks report that will let you know about all the latest statistics in an email.

Using Instagram contents in an email

To ensure you get the best results you can and in fact, should use Instagram contents in your email newsletters. The most common as well as an effective element to include in your email newsletter content is the social images, in general, and not social icons only. There are good reasons for it. According to study reports of Curalate and Movable Ink, Only 14% emails include social images but an alarming 76% of emails include mostly social icons. The end result is that emails that have social icons only included in their newsletters usually found to have:

  • 53% more leverage in Facebook
  • 14% more in Twitter content but
  • Less than 3% on Instagram account.

What is the inference? They are missing out on the huge opportunity offered by Instagram which is the undisputed king on social media as far as social engagement is concerned. Facts and figures corroborate it as well. In 2015 it was found that Instagram provided 29% more engagement than Facebook and 60% more than twitter which is too big a figure that is hard to ignore the PR power of Instagram.

Reasons for integration

The reasons why almost all brands irrespective of their size and business type are integrating Instagram in the email marketing campaign is that they have an increased click-through rate using such style of photography. The study report of Laundry Service shows that when the click-through rates increase by 8% it resulted in an automatic increase in the conversion rate by 25%.

Still not impressed? Well, if that is not enough for you here are a few more facts and figures provided by Elon University study to drive you to Instagram integrate email marketing effort for success. It says the majority of users have confidence in user-generated content more than any brand-created content. Therefore, people usually believe in online reviews but picture and videos simply add value to it.