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The popularity of social networking platforms has made it challenging for users to protect their privacy. The increased need for privacy and security has compelled the social media sites to offer privacy features to protect users’ profiles from scoundrels. Similar to other top social media sites, the photo-sharing site Instagram has enabled the users to hide their profiles and personal photos and videos from unwanted persons. By setting up the Instagram profiles to private the Instagrammers can restrict others from following their profiles and watching the content posted on these profiles.

Though the private Instagram profiles can protect Instagrammers from prying eyes, it keeps parents from supervising the social media use of their children. Parents can never know to pry at their kid’s post on the photo-sharing site and what sort of comments they receive on their posts until they know the tricks to secretly view Instagram private profiles and photos of offspring. Here are the best tips to get more followers on Instagram. This article discusses the ways one can view private profiles and photos of someone without following them.

View Insta Private Photos & Video by Sending Request

If you want to see the Instagram photos of your friends or children, you must be in their friends or followers list. However, if your friend has a private Instagram profile, you cannot see his/her photos. You can send a request to the person you want to follow asking permission for following him/her. If that person is familiar with you he would accept your request and permit you to see his profile. However, if your request is not accepted, you may look for the following ways.

Instagram Private Photos Viewer Sites

There are numerous Instagram viewer tools available on the internet that let you monitor the photos and profiles of someone without following them. You can view the hidden photos of the Instagrammers without letting them know. However, there are some risks attached to the use of these tools. Most of the Instagram viewer tools are the scam which steals your information instead of providing you’re the desired results. However, if you want to get your hands on the online Instagram viewer tools to view the private photos and videos, here are the steps you need to follow

Look for the Instagram viewer sites or application through Google or any other web browser. Once you find one, put the Instagram username of the person you want to follow. The app will ask you to choose from viewing pictures directly or after downloading them. After you make your decision, the site will take you to the private Instagram of account of your required person from where you can view or download the Instagram photos. You may find these steps simple to follow but there is immense risk attached with the use of these Instagram viewer sites. The sites have no clear origin, so relying on it can be risky.

View Instagram Private Photos & Profiles Using TheOneSpy

One of the most reliable ways to view private Instagram profiles and photos of someone without following them is the use of spy application. There are numerous spy and surveillance apps that let you secretly and remotely monitor the social media apps of someone else. Of the spy applications rightly available in the spy market, The App is found to be the most reliable and high-tech app. It is a cross-platform application that is intended for parents to closely monitor the mobile phone activities of their children. The application allows tracking the social media apps including Instagram and several other socializing and dating apps. Once you install the surveillance app on the Android mobile phone of your kid, you can monitor every activity performed on the targeted mobile phone. The application lets you monitor the social media activities of your children without letting them know. You can track your kids’ Instagram direct messages and photos and videos posted on the platform without following them.

The Instagram spy app automatically gets access to the media files and message received and sent via the photo-sharing app and uploads the accessed data to the online control panel of the spyware app. By logging into the online control panel of the surveillance software, parents can read their kids’ Instagram messages and view their media files. Also, they can download Instagram photos and videos to transfer them to any other device.

To get the Instagram private photos viewer spy app, you are required to visit instagram private photos viewerand get yourself registered. Purchase the Android social media monitoring software and get the activation code to successfully download and install the spy software on the mobile phone of your kid. After successful installation, you can start monitoring the targeted mobile phone and activities performed on that phone including the online and offline activities. It lets you monitor and record every single action performed on the targeted Android mobile phone to protect your kids from the threats prevailing in the online and real world.

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