How To Make A Floral Swag For A Wedding

how to make floral swag

The wedding decoration seems to be incomplete without the floral swags. It just makes the decoration more adorable and attractive. The arches without a floral swag are truly unthinkable. So why not just learn how to make a floral swag for a wedding or any other purpose. You may feel that you are not that much creative, but once you start you will find tons of floral swag ideas to make a better impact on the guests.

If you have already made floral swag on your own it’s going to be a revision for you and if you are struggling to make a floral swag then it’s going to be really helpful for you. Keep continuing the reading.

How To Make A Floral Swag

To make a floral swag on our own we need items to make the swag making simple and quick.

  • A handy portable stem cutter
  • Soft wires to bind the things altogether
  • A Piece of foam to place all the flowers and stems in the right place
  • Glue to affix the foam with the base
  • Collect some stems, ribbons, and flowers according to availability or choice

Now it’s time to start the process. Before starting you may go through some floral swag ideas online but here is the basic process to make it happen.

Take 2 comparatively long stems and join them using a soft wire. Put them together in a way so that they look like the same stem. Keep the base of the stem together and leaves in the opposite direction.

After that, take a piece of foam and use glue to stick in the middle of the stems. It will help to add other flowers and stems and keep the alignment right. Use some moss to cover up the foam and it helps to make the setup look natural. Now to keep the moss in place take some of the soft wires and bind it.

Would you like to place a ribbon bow in the middle of the floral swag?

If a ribbon bow is not fine for you a big flower can take the center. Well, how the ribbon needs to be tied firmly so that it stays perfect for a long time? Take a long ribbon and the wire. Assume a center on the ribbon and pin it with the wire. Now try to make a long stride of the ribbon and come back diagonally. Keep rotating the ribbon unless you come back to the position where you started.

Now its time to add the colorful flowers and stems to glorify the swag. This time not big stems like the way we look at the beginning to create the base. This time the stems need to cut into small pieces to make the set prettier.

If your base stems are green, then you can choose other color stems to get a better contrast. As this time it can be purple leaf stem or anything you prefer. Also, it can be artificial plants to make the process easier to decorate.

No matter what you select its better to find something that has smaller leaves than the base stem it helps to provide the perfect look and none of the leaves gets offended by any chance. All the decorative floral items need to be pinched into the foam that we glued before. It helps to keep the items in the right place and obviously, you should use some transparent tape to make the stems strong enough to pierce through the foam.

After adding all the leaves you now add some flowers around the centrepiece. If it’s a ribbon then you can add any flower with a different color and if you used the flower as the centrepiece, then you need to choose some smaller and different color flower so that it doesn’t look odd.

Like we found one of our friends used a ribbon as the centrepiece, but you will find tons of example that uses a big booming flower as the centrepiece and it never looks ugly. If you can’t manage different color flowers it still ok to use the same flowers with the green leaf base to bring on the welcoming look that is most wanted.

After all, you should consider choosing the best artificial plants to decorate your wedding party!


We hope you have got the idea of how to make a floral swag for a wedding or any other party. Depending on the party theme and home decoration you may need to bring some change on the floral swag ideas but the basic remains the same as we described.