Is Purifying Black Charcoal Mask Peel Off A Great Option For All Skin Types?

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beautifully alive

With time we keep seeing different types of beauty trends that come up and people go crazy over trying them. One of those crazy beauty trends one was using peel-off charcoal masks. Purifying black charcoal mask peel off is an amazing option for many people but not everyone out there should try it on their skin.

Charcoal masks, in general, are amazing for clearing our skin, it helps to bring out all the gunk out of our pores and reduces the oil secretion as well. But recently the peel of version started becoming a lot famous in the beauty industry. This is nothing but a gummy textured face pack that when applied on the face dries and requires to be pulled off from the skin or peeled off from the skin.

black charcoal mask peel off
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When this mask is peeled off from the skin it often takes off all the dead skin cells, ingrown hairs, facial hair, whiteheads, blackheads, and all the dirt and gunk from the pores as well. Some of the purifying black peel of mask is extremely thick and hence when they dried down peeling them off is extremely painful as well. This mask clings on to the skin and does not come off easily. Many of the charcoal peel off masks require a lot of pulling to get rid of completely.

History Of Purifying Black Charcoal Mask Peel Off

Initially, the purifying black charcoal mask peel off was meant for facial usage only but people started using them all over their body. This effectively took off all the body hair, any ingrown hair as well as dead skin cells and dirt. Over the body, it feels equally painful especially on the areas where hair growth is intense like on the legs.

Due to such painful experiences, some of the companies started selling a diluted and less thick version of the purifying black charcoal mask peel off. This also gained a lot of popularity and a greater amount of people started buying them as well.

The con with this was being diluted it did not effectively take off ingrown hairs and blackheads from the skin, people who were using it for this purpose miserably got disappointed. Where this version of purifying black charcoal mask peel off can easily take off dead skin cells from the top layer of our skin. Once the mask is peeled off these white skin cells are visible on it. This diluted version of black charcoal peel-off mask is an amazing alternative for people with dry skin, sensitive skin as well as acne-prone skin.

The thick version of black charcoal peel-off mask is not at all allowed to be used on acne-prone skin. This will irritate the acne and pop it up as well. the puss inside the acne is released which may even lead into bleeding when the black charcoal peel-off mask is taken off. Popping active acne is extremely painful and causes building up of huge pores on our skin. Pores on our skin are the major source of oil and sebum secretion. Hence black charcoal peel-off masks are definitely not a good option for acne-prone skin especially if it is very thick inconsistency.

Charcoal mask peel off
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Many black charcoal peels off masks contain Xanthum gum and citric acid along with polyvinyl Alcohol and isopropyl alcohol all of these are not great for our skin. Sometimes the alcohol creates a lot of irritation on the skin and eyes as well. Xanthum gum can be dangerous as well.

For dry skin-

The black charcoal peel-off mask is an amazing thing for dry skin especially if it is not acne-prone. The black charcoal peel-off mask effectively will take off the dry and dead skin leaving smooth and baby soft textured skin for dry skin type people.

For oily skin-

This is equally an effective thing for oily skin people since it helps in cleaning out the pores completely and also takes off all the whiteheads which a normal scrub will never be able to do.

For Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin-

This type of skin people should always stay away from the black charcoal peel-off mask no matter if it is diluted or concentrated. The ingredients can irritate the sensitive skin and acne-prone skin can even bleed by using the black charcoal peel-off mask. If sensitive skin people feel like trying the black charcoal peel-off mask out then they should go for the diluted one and will only apply after doing a patch test on their jawline. This will give them a fair idea of how their skin will react if the mask is applied to their skin.

A patch test is a must for everyone even if they are not falling under-sensitive skin types because we never know which ingredient in the product can cause allergic reactions to us.