Live Streaming Periscope – How To Live Stream On Periscope?

live stream on periscope live

Live streaming is blooming in the current era of digitalization and is helping many big and small brand players to leverage. Whether a brand wants to establish itself by reaching a wider audience base or an existing brand wants to lead in its domain, live streaming solutions are serving one and all. Nowadays, various social media platforms like periscope offer live streaming services for brands and businesses to benefit from the same in this article today we know how you live stream on periscope without any issue.

Have you ever thought about the evolution of live streaming? And how it became the most powerful tool for digital marketers?

Streaming on Periscope Live

Periscope was the first app that initiated periscope live streaming solutions for its users, way back in 2014. Everyone is well aware of the fact the Periscope app is owned and well-integrated with Twitter, which allows live broadcast on periscope to be shared with twitter followers as well. It helps in attracting a more niche audience base while expanding brands reach. The twitter followers of a particular brand are notified one you once you opt to live broadcast on periscope.  

Streaming live on periscope is simple, you can stream directly from a smartphone or a tablet. Periscope live streams allow you to broadcast a brand event, product demonstrations, behind the scenes or a general insight of your organization.  

Periscope live streaming solutions, allows viewers to participate in live events by adding comments and hearts, which boost real-time interactions between the brand and its customers, resulting in brand loyalty. It helps in engaging a wide audience base when compared to any other traditional ways of marketing. 

Periscope live streams allow viewers to explore the videos that are being broadcasted in other parts of the world through a map feature. It creates a sense of urgency among the audience with its limited timelines and influences customers to make the purchase decision at an instant. 

Some Steps Of Periscope Live Video Streaming

Live streams on periscope live are saved automatically once it’s over for a 24-hour timeline, allowing viewers who missed the live webcast of an event. You can even save your periscope streams to keep a record of live videos once it expires after the prescribed timeline. Reach your audience around the world and expand your brand reach, by opting for the best live streaming app. But understanding how to use periscope live streaming guide for events is a must. Let’s have a look at how to live stream on periscope live. 

1. Download the app and create an account

To stream live with periscope, firstly download the app to your smartphone or laptop for using periscope live streaming solutions. Creating a Twitter account is the next step in the process. One can live broadcast on periscope by logging in with a Twitter account as periscope is integrated with Twitter.

2. Invest in a camera for a better viewing experience

A better quality camera makes your live broadcast on periscope looks professional. It gives your audience a better viewing experience. You can even opt for a professional audio system to make your live stream on periscope Live gain more exposure. Hitting on the camera button is the next step after downloading the app and creating an account to broadcast on periscope. Share your brand event with a large number of the audience around the globe. 

3. An attractive video description with the right keywords

Add a title to your periscope live stream that catches the viewers’ sight. Use the right keywords in the title that made it hit high in SEO rankings. Fill in the description of your videos with the right keywords and hashtags to show results in search tabs and hit the button of “start broadcast”. You are ready with a live broadcast on periscope in no time.

4. Set your privacy settings before streaming live on periscope

When you opt to live broadcast on periscope, all broadcasts are by default set to public, which allows a large number of audiences to view periscope live streams. If you want a specific set of audiences to view your live stream on periscope live, you can change the settings manually before streaming live.

5. Sign up to comment or add hearts

It is not necessary to have a periscope account to view the live streams on periscope live. Viewers can view periscope videos without having an account, but for broadcasting or commenting and adding hearts during the live broadcast on periscope, you need to sign up. Periscope live streams can be easily watched on mobiles, tablets or laptops with either a periscope or a Twitter account. There are ample of periscope live webcasting service provider available in the market that will help any brand to live webcast on periscope and will guide to share the periscope live streams to other channels to expand the reach by attracting more potential audiences.

6. Select various platforms to share periscope live streams

You can opt for various live streaming platform to share your Periscope live streams for a wider reach. Select the option for multiple platforms from the settings page and hit on the “Add” button placed under “Go Live on Periscope” to add various platforms. Provide the necessary permissions and get one of the best live streaming experiences.

7. Go Live

Hit the “Go live” button after all the settings have been made. Streaming live on periscope allows you to engage a large audience base around the globe. Contacting the periscope live streaming service provider will help you in reaching your audience in the most effective way while making your live streams stand out from the crowd.