Norton Safe Web – How Do I Enable / Disable Norton Phishing Protection?

Norton Safe Web

If you are wondering why it is necessary to turn on Norton Phishing protection on your computer, then consider the actives your kids perform while you are not paying attention. It is a hard guess about the websites your children visit; it could be some online gaming portal, social media platforms or other websites. Unknowing, you or your children can be the triggered person by cybercrime, as you do not know the website you are visiting is safe or infected.

Norton phishing protection protects you from landing on unsafe websites or downloading malicious files. It analyzes your online activities and determines the security level of all the websites that you often visit. Norton phishing protection also suspends navigation to illicit websites.

How to use Shopify sites securely using Norton Safe Web

However, sometimes the program also blocks pages that are detected to be unsafe even a little. If you wish to continue visiting the site, which is blocked by Norton, you can disable the phishing protection setting. If you are an active user of the antivirus software, calling on Norton Safe Web Customer Service Number will connect you directly to the executives. For manual instructions, the information below will help you to make the change you are looking for.

Steps to enable or disable Norton Phishing Protection

  1. Launch Norton antivirus on the screen
  2. Go to QuickMenu and click ‘Open Norton Security’
  3. Under the main window of Norton product, click Advanced
  • If facing trouble to move next, get assistance from Norton Customer Service
  1. On the left division of the window, click Safe Web
  2. In the Safe Web section, click on the settings icon
  3. When prompted to the Safe Web window, do the following as per your need:
  • To turn off Norton Phishing Protection- deselect the Enable Phishing Protection  box
  • To turn on Norton Phishing Protection- select the Enable Phishing Protection  box

You have now made the changes successfully and you can visit the website without any blockage. Norton support providers help users to make all the necessary changes if they are having trouble.