PC Backup Software – 5 Free Programs To make a Computer backup

PC Backup Software

Do you know how you can make a good backup of your PC data in 2021? Do you want to back up your Windows computer? Do you need  PC Backup Software to secure your most important files? Thousands of facts that can go wrong when you have a PC on your desk and it would be quite interesting to be prepared and make a good backup (backup) of our PC with a software of our confidence in case the worst happened and we lost all our data.

No one wants to lose his or her personal photos, their music, or their movies. If you use the PC to work, it is really important to make backups every so often. And if we can make the backup for free, then much better.

What are the different types of PC backups Software

Full back up: a copy of all the selected data.

Differential backup: a copy of the data that has been modified or added since the last full backup.

Incremental backup: a copy of data that has changed since the last backup, either a full or an incremental backup.

The important thing is to take into account the following: each differential backup will be larger than the previous one, but to restore the system we will only need the full backup and the last differential. The incremental backup files are smaller, but to restore the system, you will need the full backup, as well as all incremental backups, so it will take much longer to recover the system.

The 5 best free programs to make a good backup (backup) of files on your PC (2021)

1. EaseUS Todo Backup Free

A PC Backup Software with a free version that has everything: backups of files, disks and of the complete system, disk cloning, boot recovery disk to facilitate the restoration of the image or backup planner. With so many options that sometimes it can intimidate a little: Encryption of backup; Incremental and differential copies; Performance control and even a Linux rescue environment. It is not difficult to use. If you need to make backup copies and have many options, EaseUS Todo Backup is your best option.

2. Comodo BackUp

One of the most powerful tools along with the previous one. It is very flexible since you can store the backup copies on your local disk or send it to external servers via FTP or the Comodo cloud. The free edition comes with 10GB of free online storage for 90 days. Its operation is quite simple, but you must have Windows ADK installed to create an image, something that should come included with the program. Comodo BackUp offers complete, differential and incremental backup copies of files, directories, partitions, and drives. Backups can be scheduled at regular intervals and can be used in the background. The files can be compressed and encrypted.

3. AOMEI Backupper Standard

Aomei Backupper Standard one of a good tool for creating backups with a good design and easy to use: it is able to synchronize files, disk or system images, clone the disk or create a rescue disk for emergencies. A very flexible scheduler can run backups automatically at regular intervals, every day, certain days of the week, etc. In the free version, you cannot combine backup images, there is no disk space management for the backup, system cloning or migration support, but it works very well, and it may be enough for most.

4. Areca Backup

Program directed to the expert user with many options and something more complicated to use. We will find filtering by extension, folder, size, date, status, and regular expression, Zip and Zip64 support, AES and AES256 encryption, backup of local or network units, FTP, FTPS or SFTP, and much more. The interface is not at all friendly. You do not have a backup of blocked files, except as a paid add-on, but you have the possibility of making backup copies only of modified files or recovering files of a specific date. If you are an experienced user this is your PC Backup program.

5. Google Backup & Sync

A more modern and less traditional option that will allow you to back up in the cloud. eye! The amount of files you can upload depends on the space you have hired (only part is free). It is the perfect tool for backing up data directories, not the entire computer. It can be used to keep folders synchronized between devices.