PDF File Unlocking The Best Way to Perform Unlock

PDF File Unlocking

Locking PDF file is considered as one of the most efficient ways to keep your PDF files secured from any unwanted access or unauthorized actions. However, people may also need to revoke their actions and PDF file unlocking. If the PDF file password is known to the users, it is only a task of a minute to unlock the file. But what if they do not know the password? Whether you know the password or not, the requirement never seizes to exist. That is why we bring you the best way to perform PDF file unlocking. Here we will discuss the methods people usually implement for unlocking PDF files along with the pros and cons of those methods. First, have a quick look at a relevant user query.

“I have added certain restrictions in some PDF files that I need to unlock. But I forgot the owner level password as I have added those more than a year ago. Now I need a solution for unlocking PDF files for printing/ copying/ editing, etc. I did try some manual tricks but none of them worked. Can anyone kindly suggest me the best tool to unlock Adobe PDF files? I will be grateful.”

Popular PDF Unlocking Method For Protected PDF Files

If you are also feeling troubled by the thought of how to unsecure PDF files, check out the methods we are going to describe in this section.

Online Sites for PDF File Unlocking

PDF file users often choose online unlocker sites as their first choice for unlocking PDF files for copying/ printing/ editing, etc. But do you know that these sites not only have less success rate but also contain a high risk of data theft and virus infection? Yes, you read it right. In most cases, these sites fail to unlock restricted PDF files, so trying this method will actually result in a waste of your valuable time and effort.

For most users, online sites seem lucrative for PDF file unlocking process because it is free of cost. But in this world, almost nothing comes for free. In these free sites, users need to upload PDF files that may contain some confidential and important data. You never know what those sites are doing with the data written in those PDF files. Last but not least, the unlocked files that users download from the sites can contain virus and malware. That is why, experts have warned the users to stay away from such sites and you should strictly adhere to this if you want to stay secure from malware, virus and most importantly data theft.

SysTools PDF Unlocker

As it is not safe to use the online options, you are left with the option to use SysTools PDF Unlocker. This application performs far better than any other unlocking applications available right now. It really helps in unlocking PDF files for printing, copying editing, extracting, etc without any trouble. Users do not even have to enter the password to unlock password protected PDF having owner level security. The software can also unlock admin level passwords, but for this, users need to provide the password accurately. This application is available for both Windows and MAC OS, so users of both the operating system can use this software. In order to function, the utility does not require Adobe Acrobat installation. It is the best way to perform PDF file unlocking process.

Try It Before You Buy It

Interested to buy PDF Unlocker Tool but feel like giving it a try beforehand? Do not worry as the software facilitates this option too. A demo version of this application is available for all the users for free. You can download this version and check if this tool works for your PDF files or nor. Once you become satisfied with the demo version, you can proceed to purchase the full version of PDF Unlocker which is completely safe for your computer. Upon providing a coupon code, users can also avail up to 50% discount.


For the people who are looking for the best way to perform PDF file unlocking, this is the right blog. Here we have discussed what are the methods people commonly use to unlock password protected PDF files. Though online tools are available, it is not advisable to use those sites. Rather, users should go for SysTools PDF Unlocker Tool, a standalone software available for both Windows and Mac. This tool really helps in unlocking PDF files for printing, copying, editing, etc. The software also removes known user level password security from PDF permanently.