SAMY 32 inch smart android tv – How To Book Online Rs 4999 With Specification

Based on LED TV Android – The Indian company has launched a new SAMY TV, and its effective price is Rs 4,999.

The company named Samy Informatics has claimed to launch 32-inch SAMY 32 inch smart android tv¬†for Rs 4,999. It is a company of India, and it has been told that this TV has been launched under Make in India and Start-Up India. It has been claimed that this TV is made in India. The launch event was organized at the Constitution Club of Delhi, and as the Chief Guest, BJP member and Sonali Phogat, Vice President of Women’s Front was present. However, the company has also said that apart from Rs 4,999 GST and shipping charges will be taken separately.

The Specification in SAMY TV ‘s Panda App is as follows.

    • Age qualification: Rs. 4999
    • GST Millions: 5898.82
    • Shipping Cost (anywhere in India): Rs. 2124
    • Total Notification – Rs. 8022

That is to say, this TV is Rs 4,999, but if you buy it, then you have to pay 8 thousand rupees. However, this may be less. If you buy from Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon or Faridabad, the shipping cost will be reduced.

According to the company, you will need a base to buy this TV. First, download an app named SAMY. There is a need to enter the necessary information here. Without the basics, you can not buy this TV. We have investigated that it has been registered in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs 2 years and 7 months ago. There are three directors – Avinash Mehta, Harpinder Singh Kuka, and Shashi Shekhar.

According to the information recorded on the website, this TV will be available on First short first serve basis. However, the company also said that they would also get the TV offline.

During the launch event, Avinash Mehta, director of Sammy Informatics Pvt Ltd, said, “We have come with the Wide Variety Proposition of Value for Money. There is much potential in the market, and there is a large section in the country to reach. Apart from the Urban and Semi Abarbanel, the rural market is also overgrowing. They say Keep in mind, our aim to provide smart TV for Rs 4,999 to all people with low income under Make in India and Start-Up India.

They told it like a revolution in the TV industry. In this event, he said that it is Made In India TV and it has got 200 people job.

Speaking of 32-inch TV specifications, the resolution of this LED TV is 720p. It has 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. There are two USB ports, two HDMI ports, and VGA port. WiFi is supported, and 10WX10W speakers are available. The sound output is 20W. According to the recorded information it has been given SRS Dolby Digital, and a standard remote is also available on the TV.

According to the information found in the app, there will be a 1-year warranty, which can also be extended to 2 years. Generally, this 32-inch LED TV gets up to Rs 15,000. MI’s 32-inch LED smart TV is priced at Rs 12,500. While Micromax’s HD Ready LED TV is getting on Tata Click for 9999 rupees.

Source : Google