Simple and Effective Decoration Tips to Make a Rental Apartment Feel Like Home

Living in a rental often just doesn’t feel like you are home. There is that constant lingering feeling that you don’t own the space you are occupying. But in order to feel more comfortable in your current place of residence, there are a few decorating tips and tricks that can transform your rental into a home that reflects your personality and style. This article will give you some great pointers. So let’s start!

Simple and Effective Decoration Tips to Make a Rental Apartment Feel Like Home

Simple, yet effective wall decor

Of course, you need to check with your landlord if you are allowed to repaint and decorate the walls in your rental. In most cases, this is not an issue but simply asking is still respectful. You don’t need to repaint the whole space, you can pick an accent wall in the living room or the bedroom, that will be enough to change up space and make the more you. The next step is putting up some art and decorative bits on the wall. If you have family photos, you can frame them and put them up in the hall, so that they evoke a warm feeling every time you go by. Paintings are another great way of personalizing your rental. So instead of those generic pieces that owners put up, choose ones that reflect your personal space and that will contribute to the overall decor of the rental. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money.The key is finding what you like and introducing it to your rental space.

Simple and Effective Decoration Tips to Make a Rental Apartment Feel Like Home

Setting the mood

Lighting plays a great role when we talk about how we feel in a certain space. Sadly in most rentals, you get the cheapest lighting options that are there just to serve the purpose without any decor value. The first step is determining if there is an option to increase the amount of natural light in your space. Often just moving furniture around and changing the curtains does the trick. Now, it would be wise to take a page from your Australian’s playbook when it comes to lighting. The trend is “less is more”, but with a tech-related twist. Having the option of the experienced Sydney electrician coming to your rental and installing lighting fixtures is the best way of reinventing the lighting situation. The tech-related part means that you can control your lighting with your phone, so if you want to set the mood, you can dim the lights with the right app. In the morning, you can turn them on without even having to get out of bed. This feeling of control over something as simple as light will definitely have a positive effect on you feeling more at home in your rental.

Simple and Effective Decoration Tips to Make a Rental Apartment Feel Like Home

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference

Personalization is key for turning a rental into a home. The second you start unpacking your boxes and putting your own items on the shelves, you are bound to feel better. When decorating different pieces of furniture, like the dining room table or your work desk, make sure you include some vintage pieces that you have brought from home. It can be a tablecloth you had in your dining room back home or a fruit bowl you were used to seeing as a centerpiece on the table. The desk can contain framed picture of you and your family or friends, different smaller items you have collected over the years, like a uniquely shaped USB hub or a mouse pad that you have had a long time. Don’t forget about the books; they might be the most important items when it comes to making your rental homier. Each time you look at any of those pieces you are bound to feel more at home because they are a part of you and of your memory.

These are budget-friendly tips that can make a huge difference when it comes to turning your rental into a home. It is important to have a serene space that you feel comfortable in after a long day at work, and that is why making a home by implementing these design ideas will have such a huge impact on your life.

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