Top 10 Most Iconic Places to Visit Tourist Destinations in Australia

Tourist Destinations in Australia

Australia is one of my most favorite tourist destinations for vacation. A pack of complete historical landmarks, nostalgic natural sites, sky-high skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, splendid cities, majestic mountains, diverse wildlife, and never-ending charismatic vibe, Australia can never let you down with hopes. Read this article and get a gist about the top ten most iconic places in Australia that you should make it your menu for the next holiday meal! Whether it is the Ayers rock or Purnululu National Park, is most famous destination place in  Australia has a plethora of perfect places. Warning! – You can find some less popular yet equally remarkable destinations herein. 

1. Sydney

If someone would ask me to describe the town of Sydney in one word, well, I would term it sassy! Sydney is the most famous city to visit in Australia among foreigners. With the most poshly luxurious hotels in the town, music theatres, cinemas, and galleries, historical sites, cultural events, cafes, restaurants, bars, Sydney get all set for giving you a million-dollar experience. The Darling Harbor, The Sydney Bridge, and The Sydney Opera House are the trio of status symbols for Sydney. The Opera House solely hosts more than 1500 concerts each year – that’s enough to specify Sydney!

2. Uluru

You have two terms alternatively to spell Ayers Rock or Uluru Rock, but you have the same option to remain stunned by its beauty! You can spot this robust rock in the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park in the northern province of Australia. This standing stone in the lap of earthly virtue is a synonym to a magnificent megalith. It makes a height of 1,100 feet when it monoliths the lands of Australia. Apart from seeing changing shades of this rock in sunset and sunrise, you can visit the regional Aboriginal tribe, the National Park, and have one night stay. 

3. The Great Barrier Reef

The only of its kind existing in this world is the Great Barrier Reef that is the chief jewel to the Australian Natural Beauty Diadem! The longest, largest, and most significant coral reef of this planet spread waters to 348,700 square km. Almost 2,300 km involving 2,900 beaches and 900 islands in its home territory. The reef neighbors the coastal lines of Queensland, and the same is a platform for performing water sports activities like Scuba Diving. The best way to sail the waters of the reef by knowing the aquamarine life is to take a ferry from Queensland or Cairns. 

4. Whitsunday Islands

A specific set of 74 islands amidst the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday islands are something that you should not miss in Australia. Out of all the deserted islands, seven of the Whitsunday islands are stunning and spectacular for those who love snorkeling and scuba diving. Hayman Island can make you meet one of the favorite celebrities who admire the most as the beach is a bit known among them. Also, Whitehaven beach is like a wild card entry to heaven because of the white sands and their blissful views. You can have fabulous holiday moments with your family or friends here. 

5. Brisbane

Brisbane is not only the capital city of Queensland but, also it is the capital city of the metropolitan significance. It is the third most populous city in Australia after Sydney and Melbourne. The city is amidst the peninsula of the Brisbane River, and it is in the European style arrangement. The town has pretty impressive sites like the irreplaceable Queensland Museum and Sciencentre. Some of the surreal places like Botanic gardens and the city hall by the river are the main attractions. If you are typically willing to spend your vacation in a fascinating city, Fly surely to Brisbane! 

6. Perth

Immediate favorite after Australia’s Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Perth is also the fourth populous city. The city is entitled to the capital of Western Australia only because of its virtue. The town nestles by the Swan River that meets the south coast superbly. The suburbs of the city have serene sandy beaches. The outskirts of the city have outstanding botanic gardens and parks. The Perth Central Cultural House is the principal of the theatre, library, and gallery for Opera companies. The Bell Tower, Swan Valley, Fremantle Prison, Perth Zoo, and many countless places are waiting for your visit to Perth! 

7. The Great Ocean Road

A bike rider who drives challengingly will not miss the drive on Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. It demands a lot of passion for you to miss on the road drive that stretches for 243 km with a dirt bike shop in between from Torquay to Allansford. Meanwhile, you are driving this route the elegant twelve apostles will greet you with surprise, and you have to make your eyes gaze at them in awe! The road brings the sea along as it moves on the southwest coast of Victoria, where it has slaying sceneries and sites like Port Campbell National Park. Go and meet kangaroos, fur seals, koalas, and emus! 

8. Blue Mountains National Park

Initially, when you visit Sydney, you can further think of hitting the New South Wales that is at a distance of 80 km from the town of Sydney. The Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales has compelled tourists to come to its landscapes by one day trip and see the 3000 feet heightened three sisters rock formation along with the Jamison valley. The mountains of the national park are exclusively for the hikers as well as bikers. Adventurers come here for rock climbing, rappelling, abseiling, and other align activities. To experience it best, come by the most perpendicular Katoomba Railways! 

9. Fraser Island

Australia held the biggest sand island in the world since the start! and Fraser Island is one of the best Tourist Destinations place in Australia. The islands are the part of provinces of Queensland that have sand-dunes, rainforest, and many lakes that carry freshwaters. You can complete the visit of these islands in a day by taking a ferry boat from Hervey Bay for fulfilling your short purpose. This island belts for 120 km with some picturesque view from Indian Head, cathedrals, and some eastern tip destinations. Lake Wabby, Lake McKenzie, and some other swimming spots are the best for ecotourism destination viewpoint! 

10. Cable Beach in Broome

Located to the 4 km of the west in Broome, Australia, the Cable Beach has expanded its white sands in 22 km area wholly. It is in the eastern Indian Ocean and Western Australia. Of course, the beach is famous for its white sand views, panoramic sunsets, and the serene waters of the Indian Ocean. However, Cable Beach is more known for its camel rides on the beach. It is an excellent substitute to overcome the distance of sands by riding on camels and experiencing something bizarre yet rare! The beach that is named after telegraph cable placed between Broome and Java in 1889 is a beautiful place to visit!

The Conclusion –

Whatever you do in Australia, Wherever you visit, However you explore the destinations, and whichever activity you perform, you will never get bored. Hurry to book a flight soon and visit Australia!