Top 20 Classroom Management Apps, Software and Websites

classroom management software

Gone are those days when the only mode of teaching in schools used to be books and blackboards/whiteboards. We’ve come so far, and technology has changed the way of education as well. Now is the time of smart classrooms, applications, and classroom management software. The introduction of these has made educating children easier, interactive, and fun. These educational apps can also make things to understand better and clear the concept.

The method these applications use is by showing videos, infographics, animations, and colourful images. Who will want to open books when all they can learn via their smartphone? Besides applications, there is specific software as well that help teacher to keep track of their students and their progress. Plus, they also help tutors to prepare lessons and exercises for students.

Top 20 Classroom Management Apps and Software That Are Being Used:

Class DOJO

This interactive platform is available for Android, Apple, and Windows for free. Data revealed that about 95% of schools in the US are using this incredible application. Not only students and teachers, but it also connects parents. This classroom management platform is suitable for students of all standards, from Pre-K to high school. It helps teachers to create student groups & share assignments, educative videos, and much more. Besides, one can also connect with parents /teachers regarding the development status of the child. Class DOJO is much more than what we’ve discussed. Install this great app and see the magic happens.

Google Classroom

With so much technology all around, Google is never going to take any step backwards. Here is another free classroom management web service that is developed for schools that too for free. The primary aim of Google Classroom is to keep each student updated about assignments, grade cards, home works, progress reports, and much more just by tapping in phones or via a computer system. It can be used by visiting the web link or can be downloaded via AppStore or PlayStore. This platform is very interactive, and teachers can share assignments in any form, like web links, videos, images, etc. No student can now make excuses for not doing homework because he was absent.

NetSupport School

It’s always good to keep up with the latest technology trends, and when they’re in the field of education, it becomes a necessity, especially for teachers. NetSupport School is one such classroom management software that helps teachers to monitor students at each stage and make a better world for them. This software also helps teachers to conduct lectures to a group of students whenever required. One of the best things about NetSupport School is that it supports different learning styles of students. Though it is not entirely free yet it is worth paying for.

Stick Pick

It is a human tendency that they remember better when they see rather than when they read. Stick Pick is another classroom management application that can keep track of student’s progress and assess based on the performance. It is unique in a way that it employs popsicle-stick-in-a-can concept to help teachers to improve their question-asking skills. This is a very interactive platform and will be fun for tutors as well. The scores/grades of assessment can also be easily shared via this platform on email and several other ways as well.


This is a real-time platform that allows the teacher to create quizzes or MCQs and share it with students to attempt from their phones. Via Socrative, teachers can see answers made in real-time and also gives instant response to students as well of how good they are. Assessing students in real-time will be a great help of teachers to score how well the kids are grasping the lessons. Socrative allows tutors to conduct different kinds of tests, including short answers, true/false, MCQs, quizzes, and much more. Plus, one can also customize activities accordingly. This classroom management app will change the way of learning.


Not every school needs to allow students to carry mobile phones even when there are smart classes. And rightly so, every school has their own set of rules and regulations. But there is no need to worry as well, Plickers is one such classroom management application by which you can take quizzes using just one smartphone, and that is of the class teacher. Strange, though, but it is true as well. This platform does this by using coded cards.

Teachers can beforehand prepare questions and distribute the cards with answer options in the class. Now, when a question is asked, students can show the relevant coded card of the answer to the teacher. Those cards are quickly scanned by the application to see who gave what answer.  


It is designed to assure flexible and easy classroom management. Faronics is suitable for all small and large institutions. It is a brilliant platform that helps teachers to focus on the classroom rather than other manual activities. It won’t be wrong to say that this software is a real technology-based learning platform that also limits internet access; hence there is no need to monitor students whether they are using the internet during class or not. It features classroom thumbnail monitoring, which allows teachers to monitor what students are doing quickly.

RenWeb (FACTS)

RenWeb is a complete classroom management software that allows doing everything from online enrollment for admissions to managing each student’s database of the class. In this database, each of the vital information about students can be entered and can easily be accessed quickly whenever required. No special parents-teacher meetings are required as parents can see the progress of their children anywhere anytime via RenWeb.

It is also a help for teachers as now they don’t have to submit the attendance record to the administration personally. RenWeb shares it automatically every single day when the class teacher records it.


Designed especially for iPad users, Jamf is a great platform where teachers can easily manage classroom activities, and students can learn better. This application is much admired for having an interactive and straightforward user-interface. With Jamf, teachers have the flexibility to individually focus on a weak student or a specific group to make the concept clearer. All this could be done with a few simple clicks. Share iBooks, screens, and much more, Jamf is cracker-jack of a platform that makes learning fun, interactive, and secure.


This software gives complete control to teachers of what, how, and when students see things on their system. Available for operating systems, LanSchool allows teachers to view each student’s activity by navigating through thumbnails, share the screen to all students for better learning, and blackout systems of students to gain focus. Communicate with individuals or groups of students via chats or voice messages, send & receive assignments, and conduct tests all on a single platform.


It is one of the reliable classroom management applications that allow tutors to gain complete control of the class in a hassle-free manner. With Mythware, you can also enhance collaborative learning, supervise students, and interact with them to clear queries. It also makes it easy to share the required files with the whole class simultaneously and save time. Mythware has a whiteboard feature on which both teachers and students and write & draw whenever required. It is excellent software for those educational institutions that are looking for a smart learning application.


This educational platform is designed for kindergartens to high schools for assuring better communication & interaction between teachers and students. Edmodo has a simple user interface and helps instructors to conduct quizzes, deliver assignments, and distribute content in a secure manner. Upon invitation by the teacher, this classroom management application can also be joined by parents to monitor their children’s growth. This is a free platform to use, but for getting extra benefits, you can opt for its premium version as well.

Via Edmodo, parents & teachers can also interact regarding their children/students.


This is one of the most accessible classroom management platforms that we’ve discussed so far. Students can develop better learning ability while teachers can develop interactive teaching ability to make students understand better. Blackboard also allows instructors to conduct web-based conferences where they can connect students without requiring them to install any application. This feature would be great to conduct surprise tests and extra classes whenever required. Blackboard is altogether an excellent platform for sharing assignments and grade cards as well and to communicate individually to teachers & students.


The technology has become so advanced that you can conduct online sessions while keeping a record of who is present and who is not. The same can also be practised for classroom sessions via Radix. This advanced software lets the teacher share the screen with the laptop of students and teach. Each connected student can also be viewed in a thumbnail on the tutor’s laptop. For asking questions in between sessions, Radix has come up with a great ‘raise hand’ function that allows a student to ask the teacher about the confusion without disturbing the whole class. It also features assignment sending & receiving feature just like other platforms.


It is feature-packed classroom management software that not only allows teachers, students, and parent’s interaction but also helps in managing online donations, registrations, etc. PROCLASS is much more than this as it also allows for attendance tracking, assignment sharing, course material sharing, email marketing, class scheduling, and reporting. With this classroom management tool, everything can be managed on the go.


This platform can be used globally as it allows you to share anything with anyone from anywhere. Educreations is one of the best classroom management software that we have come across so far. It is quite easy to remember what we see when compared to what we’ve read. With this platform, users can create interactive & exciting videos to make concepts clear and share them with the students. Once created, those videos can also be shared on other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Dropbox.  

Draw and Tell

To learn advanced concepts, your base must be clear, and that should be started when a child is in kindergartens. No, we never meant to put a burden on the child; it’s just to let him/her explore the creative side. It could be done with fun & games using this fantastic Draw and Tell platform. With its beautiful visuals, animated images, and storytelling ability, you can enhance the learning ability of a child and help him grow better. Children can draw & write on this platform using different colors, backgrounds, objects, and characters.  


Another on our list is ClassCharts, which is an artificial intelligence-based classroom management application. It can analyze the behavior of students according to their seating arrangement and also suggests the best seat plan to get better results. With this platform, teachers can also see analytics of student’s behavior in an attractive graphical representation. It is an ideal platform for teachers to see the growth or decline of a student in a particular subject and then report accordingly to the concerned staff. This platform is also available as an app for iOS and Android users.


This is a platform that can be used for both schools as well as the workplace. It is designed as a game-based platform which makes learning fun and more interactive. Kahoot can also be used globally to connect with other teachers & students to learn & teach more. This software allows students to share their opinion and teachers to add new lessons, review content, run formative assessments, and conduct revisions. Not only in school and offices, but Kahoot is also a great application to be used at home for the sharpening brain of your child.

Net Control

The last but not least on list is Net Control that can help to enhance the learning ability of children and the teaching ability of instructors. This tool is known to have above 150 different features for controlling, monitoring, and teaching. It is one of the easiest ways to interact with students and eliminate distractions by blocking apps and websites. Sending & receiving home works and assignments is also simple while using Net Control plus you can reward students for their achievements to boost their morale.

Why Classroom Management Software?

Just now you have gone through top classroom management apps and software that could do a remarkable job in enhancing the way schools teach and students learn. Besides reducing the load of paperwork, they also help to focus more on students who require special attention so that they can match with others. There’s a lot more about these applications and software than what we have discussed, and all that can only be experienced with their practical use.