Vaping Cannabis vs. Cannabis Edibles – Know the Difference

Vaping Cannabis vs. Cannabis Edibles

Suppose you have been regularly watching the news and staying in touch with social media. In that case, you may have witnessed the rising popularity of weed, especially since the pandemic hit the globe in 2020. The pandemic brought loads of stress and anxiety, also known as the pandemic blues, which is why it is not surprising that people are using cannabis more than before. 

When it comes to the virus, many doctors have repeatedly been warning that smokers are at a greater risk of facing the severe consequence of the illness, much of which is contributed by the fact that their lungs have already been compromised due to smoking. That said, it might be the perfect time to stop smoking altogether and consume cannabis edibles instead, as these allow you to enjoy the relaxing and health benefits of the herb without compromising your lungs. 

Smoking Cannabis vs. Cannabis Edibles – Spot the Difference 

If you have been a fan of smoking weed, you might want to Buy Weed Online. However, it is also recommended to try shifting to the edibles and see how they work for you. When it comes to cannabis edibles, you have various options, such as brownies, gummies, and cannabis oil. 

It is noteworthy that the different edibles impact one’s metabolism differently. For instance, while vaping cannabis, the herb is processed instantly as it reaches the bloodstream through the lungs, which is also the quickest way to feel the herb’s effects. The primary active ingredient in this consumption method is delta-9 THC, along with other plant elements. 

While vaping cannabis leads to an instant “high,” things are different with consuming cannabis through edibles. In the case of edibles, the herb is processed through the liver, and once the Delta-9 THC reaches the liver, it is absorbed and converted into a different chemical altogether – Hydroxy-11 THC. 

Specialists have analyzed that this new chemical (Hydroxy-11 THC) has a more intense impact than delta-9 THC. This aspect indicates that consuming THC edibles may result in the experiencing of a rather disorienting high. 

Edibles, however, have a longer onset time as compared to smoking cannabis. If you vape cannabis, you will start feeling the herb’s effect within twenty minutes; however, you need to be patient with cannabis edibles as these can even take more than an hour to induce the much-needed effect. Often, this kind of difference in the onset time can lead to overdosing issues. Besides, this is also the primary reason that people prefer smoking instead of consuming cannabis edibles. 

Some Popular Cannabis Edibles Options 

You have various options to choose from when it comes to the best cannabis edibles of all time. For instance, you can consume cannabis gummies, weed brownies, cookies, cannabis-infused soda, chocolate bars, and even have cannabis-infused espresso beans.

If you want, you can also add a few drops of cannabis oil to your morning coffee or tea and have a relaxing day. In the end, it all comes down to your personal choice, taste buds, and preferred potency and flavor. 

Final Thoughts

Usually, people who consume cannabis edibles wait for an hour for the herb to kick in; however, when it doesn’t happen, they consume more edibles to feel the effects. Consequently, when the herb finally kicks in, the effects are way stronger than initially intended. 

Cannabis is a safe herb to use, so it is impossible to overdose on the herb; however, the higher dose can make the consumer uncomfortable. That said, if this is your first time trying out this herb, you ought to consult your doctor about the suitable cannabis dose that will suit your body.