Workplace Hygiene Tips Every Startup Should Follow

clean office

The good working atmosphere plays a vital role in a startup company to attain success and goals. It is the responsibility of employers to make sure that employees having a good atmosphere and hygienic conditions. Good atmosphere not only assures well being but also trigger productivity.

It is an undeniable fact that the good health of the workforce is directly related to accelerated productivity. Thus, increased productivity will help in attaining the success of a startup company.

Read the following tips to maintain a hygienic and healthy workplace:

#1. Create a cleaning schedule

There is no limitation of a number of times cleaning process should be carried out. Therefore, the cleaning schedule may vary from a number of employees in a company.

For example, if you have a small office then just two cleaning session in a week is enough. To make your cleaning task simpler invest in battery backpack HEPA vacuum cleaner.

On the other hand, if your office has more than 40 employees and various clients that are frequently visiting your office then you have to schedule various cleaning session in a day.  It will not just help you to get rid of dust, dirt, and debris but also maintain clean air inside the workplace.

#2. Mount a lot of hand sanitizers

In most companies, hand sanitizers are only available in the washroom. If you want to make your company’s atmosphere more hygienic then consider mounting of handwash in various other locations. Cleaning with a backpack HEPA vacuum daily will also keep office space clean.

They do not want to go washroom if they just need to clean their hands. For instance, if any worker needs to clean his/her hands after emptying the trash. You can mount hand sanitizers on the wall- one at the exit point and another one at the entry point.

It will provide easy access and also reminds the employees to clean their hands. According to some researchers, proper handwashing can eliminate 50% of infectious microbes.

#3. Make sure windows are properly cleaned

It is important to let the natural light enter the office premises. Therefore, you should maintain clean windows so that they let the natural light enter inside. Natural light will not illuminate the workplace but also maintain a good atmosphere and also enhance the good mood along with the productivity of the company. Please make sure that you have only clean windows in your office premises.

#4. Ensure proper garbage disposal

You must install a proper garbage disposal system so that employees do not litter and degrade the quality of the office environment. Proper disposal system will encourage the employees to thro the waste material in dustbins only.

You should install dustbins in various locations inside office premises. It will not just help in maintaining hygiene at the workplace but also prevent you from unpleasant odors. Just installation of dustbins is not enough. You should also check that they get emptied on a daily basis.

#5. Make sure that utensils are cleaned

Various workplaces offer tea and snacks to their employees. Please hire a person who can wash the cups and dishes after use. If utensils are not washed properly then food debris becomes the main source for the breeding zone for germs.

Therefore, it is recommended to wash alls utensils with soapy water and rinsed properly. In addition to this, tea preparation area should also be clean properly after use with the help of backpack vacuum HEPA.

#6. Invest in good air fresheners

Employees usually wear different types of scents and fragrances.  Also, some specif type of smell spread across office after tea and snack preparation. Therefore, it is important to use air-freshener to get rid of unwanted smells and making the atmosphere fresh. Also, scent let the employees identify the work atmosphere and let them stay tuned.

#7. Provide sick leaves

Usually, employees take medicines to cure some common diseases and they come back to work. However, this does not mean that they are fine. If you want to sustain a healthy environment then if employees ask for sick leave, all the time off.

It may sound like giving too much liberty to employees but it is better to give some leaves rather than spreading flu throughout the office. Also, if you allow some leaves to the workers when they are not will let your employees feel that their boss is mindful of their well-being and they will show more enthusiasm towards their work.

#8. Set separate smoking and eating zone

Cigarettes and food bear spread some kind of offensive smell that many people find distracting. Designate areas such as canteens and smoking zones. This reduces the probability of leaving hazardous substances in the work area.

This way, other persons can work without any problem. Mount some signboards so that employees know there are designated areas for these activities.