Top 10 Typography Trends For Web Design in 2021

typography trends

Typography is one of the main elements of your website. The fonts of any website should be attractive yet modest. Of course, you are trying to get the attention of the website visitors, but you also have to think about readability. In addition to all this, you have to maintain freshness as well.

Every year, some new typography trends come in the web designing market. Companies who update their website fonts according to the new trends get better user attention. After all, trends become trends because they receive a good response from the users.

You can improve your website design, expand your network and get new leads by incorporating the right trending fonts on your website. That’s why you must read about these trending fonts of 2021 right now!

1. Hand Drawn Fonts:

Hand-drawn fonts are on the top because people love the personalized touch that these can bring in any visuals. The handwritten fonts have an element of uniqueness and natural feel. You can connect to your audience on a more personal level by using these fonts.

Although only experts can create these fonts as getting a natural flow through your own handwriting is quite difficult. But, you can find many such experts in the designing industry.

2. Dramatic Bold Fonts:

People will never stop loving the extra loud dramatic fonts when it comes to shouting out massages. These typography fonts are in trends as they bring in a feeling of energy into the texts. In addition, bold dramatic texts have more visibility than others.

It means that you can try these fonts if you want to bring in the excitement, urgency, and enthusiasm in a text. Brands whose personality is quite bold can go with these fonts in 2021.

3. Chromatic Fonts:

People are bored with monochromatic fonts now as these fonts usually have one color. Instead, the chromatic fonts with different hues, gradients, textures and other complex designs and colors are in trend.

They lack the flexibility but look amazing on the big logos or headlines of the fashion brands. The best example of these set of fonts can be seen on the website of Batik India. You can create these fonts on Photoshop using the FontSelf tool.

4. Minimal Sans Serif Fonts:

Not every website looks good with bold or chromatic fonts. Minimal fonts are the evergreen fashion for sophisticated websites. Simple sans serif fonts go best on the websites that have adopted for minimal website design.

These fonts also add a feeling of calmness into the text. Besides, they look very powerful if we give them proper space and attention.

5. Vintage Fonts:

Vintage fonts are classics that will never go out of trend. These fonts are timeless, having a unique charm of classiness as well. You can see the use of vintage fonts in the logos, packages, and websites of many companies.

You will also see the blend of modern along with the old style vintage fonts on many websites. The experiments with vintage fonts can help you in bringing out the desired effect.

6. Watercolor Fonts:

Watercolor fonts are much like the handwritten fonts, and they both go along with each other. These typography trends font style also look natural and easing like the handwritten fonts. Earlier, these fonts were only used in the backgrounds of web pages, but now more emphasis is laid upon them.

If you want to portray calm, collected or cool vibes, then this is the best trending font for your website. These fonts remove the seriousness and make everything fun!

7. A Blend of Big and Small Fonts:

The combination of two contrasting things together can get instant attention. That’s the main reason why the blend of big and small fonts became a trend. It is not a new thing as companies are using it for years. But, it got great exposure recently.

The letters and words in these fonts are of different sizes; due to which it directs the attention of visitor instantly to that particular text. In addition, it’s a good way to lay emphasis on one particular part of the text. Also, you can add your innovations to it.

8. Variable Fonts:

Companies are mixing not only various sizes of fonts, but also various types. Yes, you don’t have to worry anymore if you can’t select one single font for your content. Why select one when you have so much choice.

Variable fonts are the new trends in which people are using a combination of different fonts in the same line or on the same page. If chosen wisely, this can bring versatility and uniqueness into your website typography. You can experiment anything as long as the end result looks aesthetically pleasing!

9. Outline Fonts:

Outline fonts can pump up your headers, highlight your texts and add an airy feel into your composition. They are also in trend in 2021. With a modern and industrial look, they make a brand look more mature and cutting-edge.

The best thing is that you get lots of variety in the outline fonts. They are available in every size, regular and bold or condense and italic design, rustic and handmade or sleek and sharp style. You can choose any of it as per your brand image

10. Quirky Fonts:

Brands that target youngsters can also go for quirky fonts. These fonts are in trend as they attract youth people in massive amounts. They are rough, clumsy yet charming. The unexpected element of typography trends and these fonts make them humorous and attention capturing as well.

If your aim is to put a smile on the audience face, then these fonts are best for you. They provide an instant joy to the viewers and make the atmosphere light.

So, these are the typography trends of 2021 that you shouldn’t miss at any cost! Choose one from them to impress your audience and capture their full attention. Remember, if you won’t go with trends, then your company would lag behind in this competitive atmosphere.