7 Self-Care Tips for Sexual Assault Survivors

Sexual Assault Survivors

Sexual violence is outrageously common in society. The allegation against Harvey Weinstein, a media mogul where 40+ women have come to indict him of sexual assault is a clear indication that many people are falling victims. read self-care tips for Sexual Assault Survivors. 

According to the CDC (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention), practically 1 in 5 women in the United States are sexually abused or raped at one of the days in their lives. Often, the assault is by a person they know, and trust; an aunt, uncle, partner, sister, brother, or parents. In some countries such as the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, these numbers are higher. 

Sexual assault is not always limited to women because several men and boys are victims of rape as well as sexual trauma. What is sexual assault anyway? 

It is an act where an individual deliberately sexually touches you without your consent or physically forces you to engage in sexual intercourse against your will.

Irrespective of gender or age, the impact of sexual assault is more than the physical injury inflicted. Therefore, this article discusses 7 tips which will help sexual assault survivors. They include:

Have an emergency self-care plan ready 

It is vital to understand that it is always okay not to be fine. Try to develop an emergency self-care plan, and this can be your friends, family, workout sessions, or medications.

It is a strategy that will help you when you experience a sudden PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) episode or anxiety attack. It enables you to take the necessary steps to be okay again. Make sure that you explain to your friend or family what your self-care emergency strategy is so that he or she can support you. 

Emotional self-care

To different individuals, emotional self-care means distinct things. Nonetheless, the crucial emotional self-care thing is a person being in tune with himself or herself. Take into consideration the time and things that help you feel better. 

It can entail the leisure or fun activities you enjoy, meditation activities that are part of your usual schedule, or the special places you spend your time. Also, it can include people you prefer hanging out with, writing down your thoughts, and inspirational words you read from favorite books. 

Physical self-care 

Taking care of your body will be of great help in combating depression and anxiety. Begin by asking yourself some questions such as what kinds of foods are you consuming? How do you sleep? What type of workouts/exercises do you get pleasure from?  What routines do you perform that help you start your days or end them? 

Finding the answers to the above questions help you achieve a healthy and strong body. It ensures that you also recover from physical injuries. 

Know and communicate your sexual limit 

Recovering from sexual assault can be a challenging journey. Therefore, know your limits and have a spouse/partner who respects your set limits. The two aspects help you feel great again about your enjoyment. 

Decide how much of your sexual assault story to share. It helps you avoid some sexual activities which trigger bad memories or trauma when engaging in sexual intercourse. If your partner respects those boundaries, the past experience will not haunt you. 

Your experience is your own 

Remember that the sexual assault experience is unique and avoid comparing and contracts your story with other survivors. Actually, there is no one, exclusive way accepted for you to be a survivor.

Also, you don’t owe any person; whether your colleagues, friends, or family anything. Be yourself and do what you believe is best for you, mainly for your self-care. 

Keep away from media for some time

Presently, sexual assault stories are spreading like wildfire, primarily on social media. Therefore, it is wise for you to put aside computers or phones because some of the topics discussed might be triggering. By doing so, you will be doing justice to yourself and stay insane as you take other tips. It helps you stay mentally healthy. 

Join a support group

You might find yourself lonely, mainly when struggling with issues like sexual assault. Therefore, surround yourself with other survivors help you overcome it. They understand what you are going through and can help you grow.

Stay with compatible individuals for you to lead a normal, happy, and productive life again. The support group can help you fight or manage symptoms. Fortunately, if you do not find any support group within your local area, then you can find one via online. 


Although the journey to recovery from sexual assault is unique for every survivor, the above tips can help you manage symptoms and lead a better life like before. Even with the tips, make sure that you report the incident. Are you afraid that you won’t find a trusted lawyer? Luckily, sexual assault lawyers help you get the justice that you deserve.