Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins That Provide High-End Protection

wordpress security plugin

If you are onto the world of the internet, then WordPress is something that needs no introduction. Being one of the most renowned CMS platforms, it is currently powering up to 28 percent of the total websites available on the internet. Packed with multi-functional features and intuitive interface which makes it super convenient for the users to access, WordPress is currently dominating the market by a huge lead.

Another main reason for the huge popularity of WordPress is the plethora of themes and plugins that allow the users to customize their website according to their preference. Well, WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular CMS platform that has established it more than a platform to create websites. However, due to this sensational popularity, it has also been the most preferred target by the hackers and other cyber criminals crawling on the internet.

Well, that’s why in order to prevent any such attacks; WordPress security plugins so that the users’ website stays safe and secure. But, with so many security plugins to choose from, it becomes difficult to find the best one. This is why, in this blog, we have shared a list of the most advanced and best security plugins performance wise, so that you can go with any one of them which you find more suitable. Now, let us get started.

List of the best high-end security plugins of WordPress

Sucuri Security

The first name in our list is Sucuri Security plugin that comes with free and paid version both and you can go with any one of them as per your need. The number of amazing features that it offers to the users is totally matchless. Generally, the free version is enough to tackle most of the threats, but if you want to add an extra layer of protection to your website, then you can go with the paid version for which you will have to pay $17. If you are a remote worker or self-employed and need some financial assistance for your website purchasing, then you can apply for doorstep loans.   When you go with the premium plans, you get the benefit of customer service and more frequent scanning feature.



Another name in our list is Wordfence that is highly popular among the WordPress users. It can protect your website from any brute force attacks and also provide other excellent features like real-time security plugin monitoring, IP blacklisting, login page protection. One bonus feature that you will get is that it automatically creates a firewall to your website to enhance the protection. Apart from all these, one feature that WordFence one of the leading plugin in the market is that it contains an extensive database of potential threat websites that are automatically banned so that you won’t access such malicious websites even by mistake. Wordfence also comes with free and paid version and you can go with any one of them as per your need.  The premium version of this security plugin comes with additional features that enhance security.

iThemes Security


iThemes Security is the security plugin developed by the WordPress that was earlier known as WP security. It is considered a highly advanced plugin in order to protect the websites. The free version offers some basic features but if you really want to get some robust features, then you should go with the paid version for which you will have to pay $80 annually. The paid version offers some additional features including auto back up, strong password protection, database security, two-factor authentication, and many others.



For the majority of the people who use WordPress, Jetpack is not a new name because of the multi-functional features of this amazing plugin. As the own product of the team of WordPress, Jetpack is packed with tons of features that can help you increase your social media approach,  the speed of the entire website, protection from malware and spam attacks. You will find plenty of security tools in Jetpack, so this makes it one of the most affordable plugins in the market. For the paid version, you will have to pay $99 per year in which you get access to numerous tools. Other than that, you can also go with $299 plan where you will get on-demand malware scanning, real-time backups that provide complete protection to your website.



SecuPress is new in the market, but in just a span of a few years, this security plugin has made its name in one of the most performing plugins. The seamless and friendly UI of the SecuPress makes it easy to use. The free version comes with a set of impeccable features such as anti-brute force login, blocked IPs, and a firewall as well. Also, if you want to enjoy some additional features, then you can buy the premium pack for which you will be required to pay $59 where you will receive alerts and notification features so that you know when there is something wrong with your site.

Wrapping up, so these were some of the best performing security plugins for WordPress that you can use to enhance the security of your website. You can go with any of them that suit your need and that you can afford if you are planning to buy a premium version.