Benefits of Olive Oil Best Solutions

benefits of olive oil on skinRather than other oils Olive oil is best to used. They are enriched by having high content of nutritional values, vitamins and proteins. According to Biomadam, Protein is made up from amino acids. Macromolecules have great nutritional value in body. Olive Oil very use full for Skin, hair, liver, eyes, Stomach infects whole Human body. As Nutritional point of view no other oils can compare with benefits of olive oil.

What is Olive?

Olive is a fruit and Olive Oil come from the juice of this fruit. Olives contain 70% water content and other parts are Skin, Pit and pulp. Check amazing benefits of olive oil.[/vc_column_text]

Top 4 Uses of Olive Oil

  1. Edible Olive oil could be used in cook food.
  2. It could be used in salad.
  3. Used as oral.
  4. Instead of edible, other olive oil used for massage of body, hair massage and for paddy many cure.

Top Quality Olive Oil

Top quality Benefits of Olive Oil manufactured in Greece, Portugal and Spain. Virgin and extra Virgin Oil are best quality oils Manufactured in Haly, Spain and Greece. According to IOC both Virgin and extra virgin oil extracted mechanically not heat given no solvent added .If the extracted Oil is free from acidity and has equal or less 0.8 called extra virgin. If acidity found in between 0.2 – 0.8 called virgin.

Olive Oil Good Antioxidant

According to Biochemistry, Antioxidant destroys free radical that destroys the edible Oils. Olive oil have antioxidant which save it from making free radicals and oil prevented to destroy. Olive oil Contains vitamin K and E and some Proteins. Vitamin K and E consider good for Health.

Control Obesity

People who are worried about health and weight control should use Olive oil. Olive oil control fat level in body and could not increase weight. Researchers also said that consuming high level of oil could not put weight because it contains monosaturated oil.

Benefits of Olive Oil in Cooking

Many other Oils are used for cooking purpose but Benefits of olive oil consider good for cook. Having many vitamins proteins and consider good diet. Olive oil having saturated fats 24% and Monosaturated fats 73%. Its chemical ingredient is Oleic acids. Oleic Acid control Blood pressure and help full for Diabetes 2 patients. Physicians mostly recommended extra virgin oil for diabetes, Blood pressure, and Heart and Liver patients.

Olive Oil Lowers Cholesterol Level

Olive oil control heart diseases. Prevent from heart attack. Bad cholesterol level (LDL) decrease by using Olive Oil consist of monosaturated oil. By using this monosaturated oil good Cholesterol level could be increased. Monosaturated oil control sugar level in blood having favorable effect on insulin.

Liver diseases could be control by using extra virgin oil. In case of Fatty liver, HCV, HBV physician suggested to increase use of monosaturated oil because it control fat and maintain cholesterol level.

If cholesterol level increases in blood. Blood started to clot and this clot may be block any artery or vein and in this situation heart cloud not pump blood properly and attack chances is enhanced. In some cases blood is thicken due to high cholesterol level and heart attack occurred. High blood pressure is also due to High cholesterol level. These all condition could be control by using extra virgin or virgin oil. Because it do not make fat in blood.

Effect on skin and Hair and body

Using olive oil has very good effect on skin and hair. Skin glow hair fall decrease. This boost up the immune system of the body. How much immune system effective, Diseases could be controlled. Immune system can be studied in immunology branch of biochemistry.