Binge Watching Netflix – How To Stop?

Binge Watching Netflix

When you are hooked to your Netflix, watching shows like Lucifer, it is very exciting for the weekend but you are letting your weekend pass by. You might have only planned to watch a few episodes but you ended up watching two whole seasons and the next working day, you cannot seem to figure why you feel so weird and tired. Some people are addicted to binge watching Netflix hence here are a few ways on how to avoid yourself from getting addicted to any show and screen.

1. Pacing Yourself

People usually binge-watch shows because they love the show and they enjoy watching it but binge-watching only makes the show less enjoyable. According to a few pieces of research, the faster you watch the shows, the less you are able to enjoy them. This is because when you start binge-watching a show, you focus more on finishing it as soon as you start it instead of actually paying attention to what the story is about. After a while, when you have already started you become bored and miss out the important steps that make the show different.  One should always pace themselves with these series. Pacing will actually give you a chance to think about the plot and the characters. This will also give you a chance to come up with your own theories for the upcoming episodes and increase your anticipation in this way.

2. Do Not Continue If You Don’t Develop Any Interest

Once you start a show that you were generally not interested in but you went for it because of the reviews and everything else only to find out later that the series is not your cup of tea. However, even though you are aware of the fact that you can stop watching it, you do not. You keep watching it for the sake of finishing it and forcefully trying to develop your interest. Normally, avoiding quitting is considered a good trait but it can also be considered a bad trait when it comes to binge-watching Netflix. If the episodes that you have decided to watch do not urge your interest to increase then you should move to something new instead of trying to finish it.

3. Finding A Loop Hole In The Story

To avoid binge-watching, one should completely be avoiding plot hooks that encourage epic five-season marathons. Binge-watching is an act of watching back-to-back episodes of any show seven days apart and once, you have access to all these seasons on Netflix, this action becomes easier by watching it one day. Therefore, to make sure that this does not happen, get out of the never-ending loop of a cliffhanger after cliffhanger by discovering a loophole in the storytelling.  The only way to get out is to discover a lull in the narrative arc of each episode. When the action has finished, back out and save that cliffhanger to watch it after you open Netflix again.

4. Turning Off The Autoplay Feature

Netflix has incorporated the feature of automatic playing of episodes, which altogether makes it difficult to stop being obsessed with one show. According to dissertation writing services, the entire 10 season show can be seen with the press of a button that is why it is imperative to turn off the autoplay option to have control over you. Making sure that your autoplay option is turned off, it will provide you a natural break and remind you what binge-watching does to a person and why you should not be doing it. The natural break that you will receive will give you time to ponder over if you want to continue or not and what other tasks do you have for the day.

5. Setting An Alarm

Ceasing your marathon watching habit does not need to mean any TV by any means. You simply need to control how much time you spend before the screen. The easy route is to set a clock or an alarm on your cell phone when you start watching it. At the point when the alarm goes off, that is the time to stop watching and log off your account. You will get additional time tomorrow. If you have this perception that you cannot hold yourself to that, however, you can develop a TV restricting framework with a fundamental Arduino board. You can set it to kill your TV following 60 minutes, or set it so your TV can just work during a specific time allotment every day.


To conclude, the above-mentioned points are some of the ways, which people can adopt to stop themselves from binge-watching any show. These points include pacing the time, turning off the autoplay, finding a lull or setting an alarm.