6 Helpful Tips To Become A Freelance WordPress Developer

freelance wordpress developer

WordPress is an exceptionally flexible platform which can be used by an amateur as well as an expert developer. Its popularity has given rise to a new career option, and many people are looking to become a freelance wordpress developer. Having a technical background is essential, but you need to hone your skills before starting as a professional. The field is vast, and there is scope for specialisation. Many people choose to become specialist WordPress theme developers while some achieve proficiency in website conversion. The basic foundation for becoming a developer remains the same. In this article, we will discuss some valuable tips for starting a career as a WordPress professional.

1. Learn All The Basic Languages

It is essential to understand the composition of the open-source CMS to achieve expertise in using it for web development. The first step for any aspiring professional must be to learn all the primary languages used in the platform. The scripting language PHP provides the framework on which WordPress is based. HTML defines how a website will appear to a user when opened in a browser. Learning both these languages must be the top priority for any person looking to become an expert in the field. Style elements like colours and fonts are added to the content with CSS. Users will benefit if they acquire knowledge about this language. Additionally, they can learn about JavaScript which is a programming language that helps create interactive elements on pages.

2. Grow Your Knowledge With Essential Resources

Once the basics have been strengthened, it is time to learn about the open-source CMS in detail. Enrolling in a dedicated WordPress course will be sensible. There are various free as well as paid programs that can be used for the purpose. You can opt for a classroom course or an online one depending on your convenience. These programs will give you the basic knowledge of all the features of the platform. You will learn how to create a website using the different tools provided in the CMS. You must know about valuable resources which contain all the information about the platform. The WordPress Codex is an online manual with extensive documentation on all aspects of WordPress. Developer resources like theme and plugin building guides are provided on the WordPress.org site. Visit these resources regularly to enhance your knowledge.

3. Connect With WordPress Experts

One of the best ways to acquire valuable knowledge is by connecting with WordPress experts. There are numerous forums on the internet dedicated to the platform. You must become a member of such groups and interact with the professionals there. Various webinars take place where different aspects of this web development tool are discussed. Find about these seminars and attend them. Social media is another good avenue which can be used to get in touch with knowledgeable people. You will be amazed at how much you will get to learn from authoritative people in the industry. Most of them have their blogs. Read their posts to enrich your knowledge, and the comments section can also be used for interacting with the writers.

4. Try To Modify An Existing Theme/Plugin

Anyone hoping to become a WordPress developer must make a personal assessment of his/her skills and knowledge. This can be done by modifying an existing theme or a plugin. Most of these tools are available for free, and you can easily access their code. The link to the code is usually given in the “Development” section of the theme/plugin page on the WordPress website. You can alter the code to try out new things and check whether they work or not. This will allow you to hone your skills without needing to write the code for a new product.

5. Create An Original Theme Or Plugin

There is no alternative to practical knowledge, and aspiring developers must try their hands at creating a new theme/plugin. As mentioned earlier, the developer resources at WordPress.org and the WordPress codex contain all information required for the purpose. It will be better to start by writing the code for a new plugin. Think of any feature that you would like to introduce on a website and create a plugin for it. WordPress theme development may be a complicated topic for a beginner. If you want to create a new template, then you can use forums to get in touch with like-minded individuals. This will give the valuable experience of collaborating with other people and working as a team on a project.

6. Contribute To The WordPress Platform

Aspirants who want to be counted among the top experts must contribute to the platform. On the Make WordPress website, they can find the core contributor handbook. It provides details about how coders, testers, and people with suggestions about best practices can make their contributions. The tutorials and guides provided on the website can be used to establish the setup for development. Beginners can start by testing “good first bugs”. These are bugs which have been devised to make new users familiar with the core code and associated processes. Users have to reproduce the problem and draw a plan of action followed by creating a patch for its resolution.


Learning to become a WordPress developer requires dedication and hard work. Aspiring professionals must approach the vast user community of the platform for help and guidance on the matter.

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