How Do I Transfer Windows 10 To SSD Without Data Loss – Resolved

how do i transfer my ssd data

Are you searching the ways to upgrade your hard drive to SSD? Congratulations! But first, you will have to move your computer operating system and all the data it stores, over to the new drive. Windows 10 does not make this easy. So, we come up with an appropriate solution. Follow the instructions given below to move Windows 10 to SSD”

Why Does A User need to Switch Windows 10 to SSD?

To transfer Windows 10 to SSD usually means to migrate all content on Windows 10 Operating System drive and system related partition to SSD, so that you can simply and easily use these file to boot from target SSD. When it comes to why a user wants to copy Windows 10 to SSD, there are mainly two reasons to be summarized.

In the first place, to get better and fast performance. There are no movable parts in SSD, which makes SSD quieter and has less possibility to get damaged easily. Further, SSDs facilitates fast boot time and lesser application load time. For the user who wants the efficiencies and convenience of an SSD, it is a good idea to transfer Windows 10 to new SSD. If you just need to boost the amount of storage on the Windows 10 local machine, SSD may not be the most economical solution for you.

So, most of the user find an alternative to resolve the issue to transfer Windows 10 to SSD. Here, in this article, we are going t discuss the best ways to do the same. Firstly, go through the following scenario that will help you to understand more about this issue. The below outline query is taken from the forum site:

I made my own PC, I have an HDD drive and SSD drive. When I installed windows for the very first time it is installed on the “HDD” drive instead of the SSD. Now, I need to transfer my Windows 10 to SSD. I have no idea how to reinstall windows on my SSD instead of the HDD. So, please provide me an alternate to Move Windows 10 to SSD without losing my crucial data.”

Benefits to Transfer Windows 10 to New SSD

These days, many users would like to upgrade to Windows 10 on SSD or update their old hard drive and install Windows 10 to SSD. Because SSD enjoys its superior reputation and an amazing or better performance. When a user installs their Operating System on SSD, they can apparently feel that they can boot the local machine and open some programs and application faster.

Free Solution to Transfer Windows 10 to SSD

There is no such direct solution to move Windows 10 to SSD. The user can opt this alternate to do the same manually. First of all, you have to take the backup of their valuable data into an external hard drive as per your requirement. When your backup has completed and you have verified the data is efficiently backed up. After taking a backup you have to delete the entire data from the existing hard drive which already holds the data into your local machine. Now, remove the old drive from the computer and then, put the new SSD into your system. After inserting the new SSD you have to install the new version of the Windows Operating System. Here, completion of the steps you are able to see that you successfully migrate the Windows 10 to SSD. Now, take backup back into your new SSD drive. And everything will be the same as it had before or your Windows 10 will be transferred properly HDD to SSD.

Note: If as in the case, while performing the manual solution your crucial data is getting formatted or deleted unintentionally. So, in this situation, you can opt for an instant solution to get the data back such as “SysTools SSD Drive Recovery” using this software you can easily recover Deleted data from SSD drive. This software is capable enough to retrieve formatted or deleted data within a few clicks. With the help of this tool and above described steps, you can transfer Windows 10 to SSD without any hindrance.

Final Verdict

Altogether, you have this free technique to move Windows 10 to SSD. When you perform this procedure there are chances for data loss. There is no pre-alarm for any future uncertainty. So, in this article, we have discussed the manual solution to transfer Windows 10 to SSD. And if anyhow a user may lose their data from external hard drive then, they can opt the hard drive recovery software to get that data back within a few minutes. Thus, a user can utilize this method to execute the procedure and to do the same.