Logo Design Tips – 7 Powerful Tips To Create Beautiful Brand Identity

logo design tips

A lot of people think that it is easy to create beautiful logo designs. Professionals simply place the brand’s name or initials in a geometrical pattern and add some color to draw an icon. If this was true, then professional logo design services would not have existed. Creating attractive logos with logo design tips that requires an in-depth understanding of art as well as business and marketing fundamentals. When presented with multiple choices for a single product type, most users will gravitate towards a well-known brand. Businesses depend on designers to acquire an icon which will help in creating their brand’s visual identity. Customers start associating a product’s qualities with its visual representation. Design professionals can use the following suggestions to create appealing icons.

Explore Best Logo Design Tips

1. Simplicity Is The Key

Simplicity holds the key for fashioning an eye-catching logo. There are multiple benefits to adopting this approach. An uncomplicated design will be easily recalled by most members of the target audience. Moreover, a simple icon with no intricate elements can be easily scaled up or down without breaking the design and diluting its impact. Think about the icon of the famous fast food chain, McDonald’s. It is the letter “M” shaped like linked arches in bright yellow color. There is nothing flashy about it but even then it is memorable.

2. Research The Brand Before Starting The Process

A logo must visually communicate the character of the brand it is representing. Professionals must spend time researching the client’s product for which they are creating the symbol. They must learn about its overall marketing strategy and what kind of visual devices it has used in the past. Study its products, services, and history to understand its character. Furthermore, research the target audience by analyzing its demographic details and behavior pattern. All this evaluation will give you significant input for fashioning a design that will resonate with the audience.

3. Use Dual Visual Elements To Generate Interest

Professionals must know an effective technique which will help them make symbols which arouse interest. It involves using two elements to create a design which can have dual interpretations. For instance, take a look at the icon of “Beats by Dre”.  At first glance, it looks like a red, small case “b” in a white circle followed by the word “beats”. Take a second look and the “b” will look like the headphones the company sells while the white circle represents the human head.

This is a good technique which will help create beautiful logo design tips.

4. Select Colors Intelligently To Finalize The Palette

Colors are probably the most easily identifiable element of an icon. Smart use of colors gives brands the advantage of amazing visual association. They communicate the nature of the brand and allow it to establish an emotional connection with target customers. Take a look at the famous “Coca Cola” logo.

The brand keeps interchanging red and white between the text and the background. People associate the shades with the soft drink conglomerate and easily recognize it on crowded market shelves. Keep the nature of the product as well as the target audience in mind while selecting the colors.

5. Ensure The Design Has Visual Balance

Another critical point that must be kept in mind while creating a company logo design is that the final layout must have visual balance. The human brain immediately registers inconsistency and disproportion. People can be easily put off by a symbol which does not follow the rules of symmetry. Having a proportionate symbol also allows people to focus on it so that the image is etched in their minds. No matter what kind of shape the logo has, designers must always aspire to balance it properly.

6. Avoid Using Common Typefaces

A common mistake that most inexperienced professionals make is to use generic typography elements in the layout. The objective of a logo is to create a distinct identity of the brand and establish itself as a unique entity. A common typeface completely beats the purpose. It will be pertinent to create custom typography for the symbol. This will help in imparting a unique and professional feel to the entire project.

The Disney logo pictured above is one of the best examples of using custom typography in symbols. It is difficult to replicate and even if someone copies it successfully, they will always be treated as duplicates and not originals.

7. Use Negative Space For Effective Communication

It is a well-known fact that negative space in web design helps in drawing visitors’ attention towards content or section. The same tactic can be used in creating commercial symbols and communicating branding messages intelligently.

Shown above is the logo of Major League Baseball. See how negative space has been left to create a silhouette of a batter about to hit a ball. Surrounded by the colors of the American flag it also evokes nationalism in a viewer.


These are some essential guidelines which will help create beautiful logo design tips. Professionals must use these tips to fashion memorable symbols that will help brands establish their visual identity.