Netflix Vs. Hulu: Battle For Best Online Streaming Services

netflix vs hulu

Netflix and Hulu are both the best and popular online streaming options. Both the platforms have a vast collection of content from different genres, which makes two of them perfect for a binge-watcher. Both the platforms have some pros and cons, Explore the battle between Netflix vs Hulu, and if you are not able to decide which platform to go with here we have curated some features that help you know which one is better 

Netflix vs Hulu: Overview

Check the comparison between Hulu vs Netflix which things are been great and best streaming services provider have? as a viewer what user looking for and all the necessary details are below mentioned

1. Availability Comparison Netflix vs Hulu

Netflix has more than 60M native subscribers, and it is available in over 19O countries, including India. On the other hand, Hulu has more than 28 subscribers who are primarily from the United States and Japan. In countries like India, people with Apple, TV can only have access to Hulu. 

Because of this, Netflix has more availability as compared to Hulu.

2.Pricing Plans Hulu and Netflix

Moving to price plans of the platforms- Netflix offers a three-tier pricing structure. The basic plan starts with $8.99 per month with HD streaming for only a single user. The standard plan of Netflix charges $12.99 per month for HD streaming for two users. The premium plan of Netflix will costs you $15.99 per month, $15.99 per month, and four users. For more, checkout the latest Netflix offers and deals to get maximum discount.

The basic plan of the Hulu will cost you only $5.99 with 4K HDR streaming. However, if you do not want ads between you would have to upgrade the package to $11.99 per month. Both plans allow only one user. In addition to this, Hulu has numerous upgrades, which include live TV and content from channels like HBO. Soon the platform will introduce Disney TV Channel and ESPN+ shows. Besides this, Hulu Live TV is a perfect alternative to cable TV, which is priced at $44.99 per month. In terms of price, Hulu is cheaper than Netflix; however, it allows only one user to watch the content at a time.

3.Features and User Interface Netflix Vs Hulu

When it comes to add-on content, Hulu is far better than Netflix. But, Netflix has user-friendly features and interface. As discussed above, it allows more than one user to watch the content at the same time. Plus, users can download the shows and watch it offline- which is exceptionally convenient for people as they do not need an internet pack to watch their favourite shows on Netflix every time. 

On the other hand, Hulu does not has this feature. The user has to have net back up to watch the streaming shows on the platform

4.Content Comparison Hulu and Netflix

Both platforms are best for watching movies and TV shows. Starting with Netflix, the platform approximately has 8 000 titles, which include documentary, biographies, famous sitcoms, TV series. In addition to this, Netflix also has its original content that provides for Glow, Bojack, Horseman, When They See Us, Stranger Things, and many more to name. The platform also has a license for some of the classic shows that include The Office and Seinfeld.

Contrary to this, Hulu has tied up with global channels those names Fox, ABC, CBC, and NBC. The platform streams all the leading shows of the channel, which enjoys maximum viewership. The platform might not have a breadth of the shows like Netflix has, but it has all the viral content that enjoys a huge fan following.

5.Device Support

Both platforms enjoy magnanimous supports and devices. The two platforms can be operated on devices such as Amazon Fite TV, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android smartphones, Ios platforms, Play stations, and many more to name. There is no winner in this section as both the platforms can be accessed via an array of devices.

6.Sound and Picture Quality

Netflix has a high-quality sound and picture. The platform has recently introduced the‘’ Studio-quality Sound’’ feature, which makes its favorite among movie buffs and sitcom lovers. The company has increased its audio bitrate on many devices. To avail of this, you have to upgrade your plan to premium. 

Hulu has 2.0 stereo audio and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound quality, which allows the users to up the volume as much they want and enjoy their favorite content. Talking about the picture quality of the content available on the Hulu it has good picture quality


Add-ons are the extra services which are provided by Netflix and Hulu. Hulu offers its users add-on channels like Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, HBO, and others at different price range per month. Both Platform allows the users to watch their favourite content from the above-listed channels in one place. Thus, they do not have to download various apps. 

Talking about Netflix it has all types of content. From top-notch TV shows, documentaries to movies, the platform serves everything. In addition to this, Netflix originals have taken their services a step up with original stories, and content from local and world-known channels is now available at Netflix. It gives you access to chrome extension and web apps like Netflix Classic, by Netflix, Netflix hangouts, Mate Translate for Netflix, Mate Translate for Netflix, and many more to name.

8.Closed Caption

All the content available on Netflix, whether it is a national or international movie, sitcom, or drama, has subtitles. This offers an additional benefit to the users with subtitles. They can understand the language better.

The same feature is available for TV’shows available on the Hulu. To conclude, both the platform has a closed availability option.


Netflix is available in Canada, the US, The Caribbean, Mexico, South America, United Kingdom, and Western European countries. On the other hand, Hulu is available in the US and Japan. In India, people need Apple TV to access the channel, which makes Netflix a clear winner in terms of availability. However, Hulu has cheaper packages as compared to Netflix and has more popular content and association with global channels. But, Netflix has the most extensive library that allows the user to watch content from any genre. Plus, its add-ons give extra benefits.