Finding the Best Photo Filter Apps in 2020

Photo Filter Apps in 2020

It seems like everyone has stepped their game up as far as photo filters go. I look at my social media feeds, and I see filters I never knew existed. Where are they coming from? I did some research and stumbled upon a very helpful website: 

Top 10 Photo Filter and Effects Apps

As you search through these and try to choose some of your favorites, here’s some advice to guide your decision. 

Improve Your Aesthetic with Basic Photo Editing

In the last few years, your phone has become your new best friend if you want to look your best in photos. If you aren’t making the most of the latest photo-editing software, you’re missing out on chances to look your very best in every picture or to make every picture you take a work of art. By starting with the basics, you can use these photo editing apps to learn everything you’ll need to move on to more complicated technology. And the best part is, you can start with a free photo editing app so you can learn the ropes without wasting any cash. 

Even though it’s nothing fancy or complicated, it’s the right starting point to learn the effects of various filters, lighting patterns, shades, hues, and contrast. Unless you need a professional-quality photo, then spending a lot of money on complicated filters and photo editing apps can be pointless. Even just the most basic apps can result in some visually stunning effects.

Learn Camera Settings to Speed up the Process

If you can keep the editing process in mind when you take the picture, this will make things a lot easier. Some of these apps will present photo tutorials so that you can take the right pictures to make editing a breeze. You can put all sorts of edits and filters on a picture, but if you don’t have the right product to start with, editing will be a struggle. Use informative photo apps to take pictures like a pro so you don’t have to work as hard in the editing booth. 

You’ll need to understand certain concepts about the camera to make editing easier. First, there’s exposure. If you understand how exposure, which is the amount of light you’re capturing in the photo, affects the editing process, then you can either limit or add exposure as you take the pictures. You can also get familiar with the manual focus on a phone. Most phone cameras will focus for you, but you can adjust the focus anywhere you want, making your edits end up exactly as you pictured them originally. 

Take It to the Next Level for Eye-Popping Effects

After you master the basics, you can start to add in some “wow” factor to your finished photos. There are so many different apps out there with various functions, you can make a combination of awesomeness in any photo to maximize its potential. And you’ll get to move far beyond your basic preset filters, creating your own like a pro to put together stunning visual effects. 

Once you gain an understanding of technical terms and photoshop effects like saturation, hue, and color tint, you’ll be able to utilize very unique photo effects in your own pieces. Every photoshoot you have can be brought to life, and you can put your own professional spin on the reality you capture in your lens. 


With photo editing and filter apps, you can make masterpieces of your photos that previously would’ve been left to rot in the boring world of no filters. Why settle for anything less than amazing when the technology is readily available?

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