15 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform B2B Marketing and sales

Artificial Intelligence b2b marketing

The time is not far when artificial intelligence will be everywhere, including in your home, car, toys, on the road, tolls, shopping malls, and much more. The success that AI has achieved so far is just incredible, and people have started to like it as well. This technology is making its mark in every field and helping in improving productivity by automating the processes in b2b marketing. This is just an example of what artificial intelligence can do. There is a lot more than an AI-enabled system can achieve.

In marketing also, artificial intelligence has played a significant role in the success of various companies. We all know about chatbots that can interact with customers and resolve their queries just like an intelligent human being is doing. All the things have been made possible due to AI.

Why AI in B2B Marketing?

In this section, we will discuss some methods by which AI will transform B2B marketing.

Better Lead Generation

Artificial intelligence can help in generating leads by sorting out from hundreds of requests. This is done by chatbots that ask a series of relevant questions to identify what the customer is actually looking for. In this way, AI bridges the gap between clients and the sales team, which gives better results. Once integrated completely into the system, artificial intelligence has the ability to deliver quantitatively as well as qualitatively. Right time mostly uses Email Lead Generation

Better Lead Conversion

Imagine you have an experienced and dedicated sales team with the ability to generate hundreds of leads monthly. But, if the conversion rate of generated leads is not even one percent, then there is no value of even generating 1000 leads on a monthly basis. Implementation of artificial intelligence in this process could be really helpful as it can help increase the conversion rate. An AI-enabled system can send personalized messages of a company’s Ad campaign, infographics, videos, and messages by identifying the need & requirements of potential clients.

Automated Account Selection

The conventional way to find out new clients by cold calling and sending emails to random addresses is very hectic. It requires a specific team, lots of resources, and a management system to segregate the interested customers and then target them again. While with AI integration, this is not the case. It will automate the whole process and identifies the new & existing accounts based on their predefined entities. The result delivered by the AI system will be totally based on data & facts rather than intuition. This will help salespeople with their choice-making ability and give them ample time to strengthen the relationship with existing customers rather than doing col calling.


We have been talking about chatbots since the start of this article. It is a great way to reach a global audience without hiring any special backend and cold-calling team. Chatbots are programmed software that is designed to give the to-the-point answer to customer queries and ask relevant questions wherever required. Not only can they do effective communication but also help in identifying potential leads. It will be really helpful for B2B marketing. These bots can be employed on any social media platform or business site for interested customers to interact. Besides, they can also keep interested candidates in touch by making timely contacts.


Who would not love to be addressed personally by a brand, especially when you are looking to do business with them? But the real case is that first, you need to identify the potential customer or just text personally to thousands of customers simultaneously. This task will require a lot of manpower if you want to do it personally. But why to even think about it, when you’ve got the superhero ‘AI.’ It can reach out to a huge number of relevant buyers with personalized messages and contact with them professionally to identify what they are looking for. The conversation will be so technical that brands could easily identify the exact needs of buyers.

But there might be situations where AI would not be able to continue the conversation relevantly. What then? Just imagine a situation where an AI-powered RC car senses the wall ahead and takes the turn before it could hit. Similarly, the AI chat system transfers the control to the customer executive when things become intense or out of control.

Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis is one of the most important factors to know your customers and deliver according to their interests. You can only know your customers only when you are in contact with them. But, imagine knowing the behavior of those whom you have never dealt with. Here comes the role of AI. An AI-enabled system for marketing can predict the behavior of customers based on their search history and available data, if any. With this, you can send relevant notifications that customers might love to click and make the purchase.

Reliable and Accurate Analytics

Marketing is not only about searching for only customers, but companies also need to have good and accurate data so that they can analyze it and maintain a good relationship with customers. AI has made it simple and error-free to collect data to measure the outcomes. Accuracy is an important factor in the long run, and you don’t need to worry about when AI is with you.

Cost Reduction

Many companies have experienced significant cost reduction after the implementation of AI in their process. That has resulted due to the automation of several processes that earlier required a lot of manpower. There are also some companies that saw as high as 60% of cost reduction in their process. This is when AI is not yet fully developed; you can imagine the wonders it could when fully come in effect.

Optimize Email Sending

As you know that companies or even individuals receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis, and if your mail is one in between, it might get unnoticed. First of all, you need to do is create a precise, short, and informative email. Then with the help of AI, you can optimize the time to send that mail when you think it will be feasible and will get noticed. This will enhance the conversion rate and make your marketing campaign more efficient.

Content Creation

This feature of artificial intelligence has not been completely developed yet, but still, AI technology is smart enough to help marketers by reducing the workload and automating certain tasks. It may take a lot of time to develop this technology to create content exactly the way marketers wish to. Users can create subject lines and call-to-action in order to improve marketing email to achieve better results.

Timely Content Delivery

As we’ve discussed above that AI is not yet capable of creating engaging content on its own that can please customers and attract them. But artificial intelligence is smart and developed enough to send the created content to the targeted audience 24*7 without any human intervention. Hence, instead of spending time sending emails, the marketing team can engage in other important tasks of the company.

Brand Abandonment

Sending annoying messages, irrelevant texts, and worthless offers to your customers might force them to abandon your brand. This might also create a bad impact in the long run. So with the use of artificial intelligence, messages to the only targeted audience will be sent, plus they will be highly contextual as well. If customers see relevant information and offer, they might click on the link, and you’ll get a trusted client.

Better Campaigns

AI is much more than what we could think of. In marketing, it can give a boost to the analytics by automatically analyzing consumer data and giving predictions. Besides, it can also tell which content has not worked well enough for the campaign. So, marketers can prepare better for future campaigns that will reflect on the growth of the company as well.

Deliver Relevant Insights

Artificial intelligence can do a lot in the marketing field, but for closing a deal, a sales representative has to make in-person communication with the customer. By studying and analyzing the sales cycle, AI can suggest about the accounts that’ll be good according to the customer profile sales representatives are looking for. Getting positive results will automatically boost the confidence of both sales and marketing teams and will reap great benefits in the future.

Analyze why Deals were Lost or Won

There are AI systems that can record sales calls and convert it into a highlight of about 5 minutes. So later on, the sales team can review that can mark where the things went wrong or what actually was bang on point. This could be a great step to optimize future one-to-one communications between the sales representative and the customer. Practising this will surely help achieve better results by strategizing communication.

The Last Say

We have talked about 15 ways by which the implementation of artificial in marketing can do wonders for the companies. AI will not only help improve the way a customer is targeted but also create an impact to tempt the customer to close the deal on a positive note. AI can let the marketing & sales team focus on other important tasks rather than doing cold calling to search for customers. Besides, AI can also reduce the cost of various processes of your company significantly.

This is just a beginning; there much more to experience in the future with this incredible AI.

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