What Size Soccer Ball Do I Need? Check Out the Top Brand List

What Size Soccer Ball

A soccer ball is a ball that is used to play a game which is known as a football game. Basically, football is played by two teams of 11 players on 100 meters yard where on the end of the yard a net is placed in which players kick a soccer ball for a goal. While playing this game all players only use their foot to kick the soccer ball because rules do not permit them to touch the ball with any other body part. We can say that without a soccer ball we cannot play football, the whole game is depending on the soccer ball. Today in this blog, we will discuss the What Size Soccer Ball do you need to play an amateur level soccer. You can get some best sports products reviews here.

Varieties of a soccer ball:

There are two varieties of the soccer ball, one is made from PVC that is POLYVINYL CARBONATE and another one is made from PU that is POLYURETHANE. Polyvinyl carbonate is cheap in price and is long lasting as compare to polyurethane. While training players use PVC soccer balls. Street soccer balls, futsal soccer balls and indoor soccer balls are also made from poly vinyl carbonate.

Know What Size Soccer Ball Available:

If a player wants to play well then the soccer ball size should be perfect for that player know What Size Soccer Ball available in the market. Soccer balls usually come in three different sizes; SIZE 3, SIZE 4 and SIZE 5.


Size 3 balls are very small balls in size as compare to the size 4 and size 5 balls. These balls are used by the children who are under the age of 8. The circumference of these balls is 23-24 inches and weight are between the 11-12 ounces.


Size 4 balls are used for players between the age of 8-12. The weight of these soccer balls is 12-13 ounces and their circumference are 25-26 inches.


This ball is used on international standard match level. This soccer ball is used by the age of above 13 players including all adult players. The weight of the ball is between 14-16 ounces with a circumference of 27-28 inches.

The professional soccer players mostly use the size 5 balls on the international level game. In international level game, HELIUM GAS is filled in the soccer ball because it has half the density of air and is fully filled in the football.

Best Brands Soccer Ball-

There are many brands available in the market these days. Top 10 best brands of soccer balls are;


Adidas is one of the most famous brands. They produce many athletic needs but their soccer balls are of exceptional quality. For several decades, FIFA has considered Adidas to be its official soccer ball brand.


Nike is another best brand for a soccer ball. Nike soccer balls are used in the professional leagues of England, Spain, Italy, Brazil and many of the other countries who love soccer balls.


Puma brand is actually founded by Adidas’s founder Adlof Dassler’s brother Rudolf Dassler in 1948. They produce one of the best quality sports things. Today they still provide the superior quality to their customers and they love them.


Mitre brand produce sports gear only rugby, netball, and soccer. This specialization permits them to give high quality to their customers.


In 1947, famous goalkeeper Danish found the SELECT brand, he put his experience into action when he starts his business. It is the first soccer ball that came in the market without the lacing. If you start your journey with the football game then you should start it with MITRE brand soccer ball.


This brand’s ball is cheap in price as compared to other brands. Like other brands, VOIT also manufactures high-quality sports material.


This brand has been known to produce high-quality products and they sell their products in over 90 countries.


This brand provides the highest quality of basketballs to the professional players.


This is one of the oldest companies in the world who produce sports gear for badminton, baseball, softball, American football, racket, golf, volleyball in addition to soccer.


This brand also produces sports and casual wear and sponsor many sports team globally.

At last, we can say that this is enough information about the What Size Soccer Ball is the best for the person.