Top 30 Twitch Tips and Tricks for Streamers to Grow Channel

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The craze of creating online streaming channels is just exponentially increasing. As per their interests, people make channels of their poetry, funny videos, educational content, cartoons, games, and much more. Now, if we talk about games, we know how advanced they have become and how much people, especially younger, have started to like them. We might have also seen many YouTube channels dedicated to gaming. They teach how to clear challenging levels and how to become pro in that particular game.

Mobile games have become so realistic that children don’t even want to go out to play outdoor games. They are always busy playing on their smartphones and tablets.

We will talk about one such platform that primarily focuses on the live streaming of video games. Some of the best & experienced players guide you here to go above the line. That video game streaming platform is Twitch, which is a subsidiary of Amazon. There are videos of thousands of games that you can watch on this platform. Besides live streaming, you can also watch the content on-demand, and it has several other genres except gaming like music, talk shows, sports, and travel and outdoors. With this Twitch tips, users can also chat with other people and talk according to their interests.

Best Twitch Tips and Tricks For Streamer?

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Above, we have talked about users but what you should do if you are a streamer. If you want to grow your channel on Twitch, then it won’t be too easy to compete with existing streamers. It takes a lot to create a successful Twitch channel. Here we will give you some Twitch tips & tricks for growing & establishing your channel.

Schedule slots

Especially if you are a fresh streamer, then you must consider it. Don’t try to stream or come online in a single time slab. This is because some might be available in the evening, some in the morning or a few at night. So, try to schedule different streaming slots and analyze the average viewers at each slot to see where you’ve got more. To gain more audience, just stick to the slot you’ve created.

Engaging and clear communication

Engaging and clear communication is one of the most important things for both who are fresh and affiliate. Clear and engaging communication will help you get more views and trusted viewers. Be sure that the quality of your webcam and MIC is good enough that viewers can clearly see and hear your voice. The audience wants to hear your opinion, plus you can also enable chat options to see what viewers write, and you can reply to them right there. Welcoming and greeting new viewers is also a good way to keep them engaged.

Consistency and frequency

Imagine you streamed a video 2 months ago, and you are streaming it again after that long gap. This will decrease the value of your channel, and moreover, you might start losing your viewers. As we have discussed following a schedule above, that also implies the frequency. If not daily, twice or thrice a week would also do initially. This will help build a loyal audience, and it would be great in the long run.

The Title

It should be clear to the audience what actually you are streaming before they join to watch it. And it could only be made possible by selecting a clear and relevant title. A few important things you must cover in the title except making it attractive are the language you are streaming in and your rank in that particular game. This will help fetch the competitive and right audience for that video.

The Chat Rules

Twitch is a platform where millions of users watch & stream videos. As a streamer, you will also see many chats on your video. You’ll experience many chats with restricted/bad words. If you don’t mind how viewers are chatting, it doesn’t mean that another audience is with the same mindset as yours. So, being a streamer, you must take some necessary action to ensure chat in a good manner. One thing you can do is make use of auto-moderation tools to stop users from using several words.

Inform Viewers About You

If you want that people should know about your channel and make it big, then you must make the streaming page informative. Twitch gives you the liberty to edit & design your channel’s page in its edit panel. By visiting the tab, you can add a few lines about yourself, social media links, game configuration, and much more. It’s completely in your hand how informative and attractive you make it. This simple edition will be great to gain the trust of the audience.


Like in Cricket, Hockey, or even Football, you require a partner to let your team cross the line, here in Twitch as well having a partner can do wonders. We are talking about co-streaming. It is good to find a streamer to play the game with you while streaming. And if it is a great partner, then viewers will love the combination, and it might also increase your fan following. Maintaining a good relationship with other streamers will also be great in the long run to build your channel.

Create your own personality

To be a successful streamer, creating an interesting and attractive brand image is also necessary. As you use the front camera during live streaming, you are visible to the viewers. So, maintaining a personality by which the audience can quickly identify you even if they don’t follow. It could be done using a unique accessory while streaming like a locket, goggle, or even a cap. Plus, while interacting with the audience, you can set your own tone, voice, or facial gestures. It is totally up to you about what kind of image you want to create.


It is one of the best ways to grow your channel once you’ve set it up nicely. Twitch will offer you many streamers that have audience size similar to your channel and are willing to do cross-promotion. This will help build the audience’s size and assure a good response from the viewers as well. You can also share each other’s content on social media platforms for getting better results.

Use of advanced visuals

Once you’ve put your best foot forward and gained some stability with your Twitch channel, you must try enhancing the quality of streaming video. There are lots of tools that you can use to add effects, make transitions, create animations, and much more. Doing these will entertain the audience and keep them engaged. It will also show how much you are concerned about delivering better content to your audience. Hence, viewers will become more loyal.

Interaction is important

Being a streamer doesn’t mean to log in to your channel, start live streaming, and start playing the game online. It will get you nowhere and will definitely bore the audience. Doing this will create a negative impact on your channel. You have to make the audience feel that it is playing along. This could be done by talking verbally or by chat whenever possible about your game strategy, moves, and thoughts. This will help viewers learn more and share their thoughts & suggestions opposing to what you are thinking. This is one of the best ways to strengthen the relationship with the audience.

Instagram stories

Social media is one of the best platforms to promote your business, a new page, and even a live streaming channel. Hence, you can post clips of your videos in stories of Instagram or even Facebook & Snapchat with the link of your channel. By doing this regularly, you will definitely see a boost in the numbers of viewers as gaming lovers are everywhere.

Create a specific page

As we are talking about how important a social media platform could be, you can also create a page about your channel on Facebook. Update that page regularly with your new posts to entice gaming lovers visiting there. You can also do open-chat posts to interact with interested gamers and share views. This is also a good weapon to build a healthy audience.

Social media live to stream

There is a tough competition on Twitch, and you have to fight harder to stand strong and make a better world for you on that platform. For this, you need to anything possible. Facebook live streaming of the video is a great option to connect viewers other than those who are on Twitch. This could be a pro-tip to achieve what you are looking for.

Follower-Mode chat

Once you’ve grown to a level where thousands of viewers regularly come when you stream a video. During such a situation, it becomes really difficult to look into the chat and reply to your followers. Here comes a solution that Twitch gives. It has got a Follower-Mode only chat feature that enables chat option only to your followers. Plus, you can also set the time period, after which a follower can use chat to text you once followed. Remember; give ample time to your channel before using this feature to build a great audience.

Play with the audience

It’s advised that never behave like a boss, a star, or a pro. Keep this thing in mind if you really want to create a strong, entertaining, lovable, and enjoyable Twitch channel. Viewers come on the Twitch platform to get entertained and spend some quality time doing what they love. Being a streamer, it is always great to play with your audience and share each other’s knowledge about that game. This will also help you know your audience. Hence you can deliver better.

Choose correctly & wisely

We’ve talked so much about the channel, streaming, promoting, etc. But the main question is what to stream? Here’s a trick. First of all, you should know which game you can play well, and it is fun to spend time playing it or not. The key lies in starting with a smaller game to get noticed rather than choosing a big one like PUBG. Why we are saying is due to the traffic. There is a huge competition in bigger games, and it might take a lot of time for you to land on the first page.

Join and collaborate

You will find many communities on Twitch that you can join. The type of community you’ll join will depend upon how good you are at networking. There are many invite-only communities, and many are free to join. It could be a great way to connect to other streamers and build your channel.

Promotion in the right ways

As in the above point, we discussed networking; this is what we meant ‘promotion.’ Twitch has got the features of hosting and raiding to promote your channel in a licit manner. Let us see what these words mean.


When you wind up your streaming, you can shift your viewers to someone else’s live streaming who is online and whom you love to watch. This is the act of hosting.


The streamer whom you have directed your users to will reciprocate this act when he’s going offline and sees you are online. This means raiding.

As there are millions of users on Twitch, it is not a guarantee that your work of kindness (hosting) will deliver. But, it will surely be great for the future aspect and growth of the channel.


You might be wondering how a streamer can promote his content on site that shows images. Yes, Pinterest indeed is to share images, and you can share images related to gaming & screenshots. There is no competition about game-related images on Pinterest; hence it is a good idea to put something on a platform that Google favors the most. You can put the link of your Twitch channel & social media pages on images and share them. Same, you can do it on Flickr as well.

Go more professional

Yes, you have a Twitch channel on which you stream gaming videos and share it with your audience. But slowly promoting your work on a professional platform will also be good. To do this, you have to create a LinkedIn account if you don’t have one, and then you can share the links of your work in posts. Here you will find professionals, not gamers as on Twitch. LinkedIn will you a chance to connect with game developers, entrepreneurs, PR, etc.

Promote on YouTube

Yes, how we can forget this incredible platform to show up your skills and get them appreciated. It is one such platform that can fetch some quality audience to your Twitch channel and help it make big. Create a channel on YouTube and post your videos to get genuine traffic. Don’t just forget to add a link and a brief description of your video.

What about building your own website

So much promotion has been done via social media platforms, cross-platforms on Twitch, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Now, what if you spend only a few bucks and create your very own website with the channel name. It’ll be a great idea to have one and post your schedules, video links, and so much other information about you and your channel. You can create a notification bar on your site to show when you are living. That will turn the audience present at the website to your Twitch channel once they click that notification.

Guest posting

It is a great way to build traffic on your website by sharing guest posts on relevant websites. So you can also do it to promote your Twitch channel and website to increase viewers and followers. Find good & relevant gaming-related sites and give them quality content with your link to the post.

Use Quora

Quora is one of the best sites where people find the best answers to their questions. Questions & answers about all niches or genres are there on this platform. You can also answer gaming-related questions correctly and post your channel’s link in between. If the answer is satisfying enough, it will see hundreds of likes and might create some more viewers of your content on Twitch.

The name’s theory

Using the same user name as your Twitch account name will be a great idea to let gamers know that you are a streamer as well. You can do this by using “Twitch” or “TTV” before or after your username as well.

Try to participate in gaming tournaments

Participation in tournaments is a great way to highlight your name and show-off your skills. Here winning is not only a solution, but you can also be in the limelight even if you lose. Get the viewer’s attention by doing something unique, entertaining, or magnetizing that no one would have thought about. It’ll raise viewers on your channel and might fetch you, followers, as well.


Sharing beautiful, clear, & engaging infographics of the stats since you’ve started streaming will be a great idea to grow your Twitch channel. It might also be helpful for other gamers, and they could follow you as well.

Content optimization

What we mean by saying this is to create attention-grabbing headlines for even your small clips. The catchier your title will be, the more audience will be tempted to click on it. Most people think it a waste, but once you try, you will realize how much impact it can create on your channel.

Paid advertisements

Now, when you reach a certain level after doing all the hard work, you should do paid advertisements if you find it worth it. It could be done on the most famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They will definitely pay you off.

The Last Words

These are top 30 Twitch tips & tricks for streamers to grow the channel and could be really helpful if worked upon. There are many other ways that you’ll develop once you reach that stage. I hope you have loved this long article and is helpful as well. So, try these out Twitch Tips, and best of luck for your Twitch channel.